Macro Expert Reviews What I Eat in a Day

Hi, friends! Today I’m excited to share the third part of my series of blog posts with macro expert, Emily Field, RD. In case you missed them, you can check our Part 1 HERE and Part 2 HERE! We thought it might be fun for me to share a typical “What I Ate Wednesday” type of post with you all, but to put a little spin on it, she’s going to rate/review my eats!

So that said, here’s a look at a random day of eats. I will say that this day of eats was documented well before we were stuck quarantined at home, so you’ll likely see some office meals and snacks included : )

7:30am – Coffee! 

I always start my day off with a mug of my morning coffee at home while getting the kids ready for school. My coffee typically includes 1 Truvia packet, 1 scoop of collagen, and about 1-½ tbs of creamer

  • P: 10g
  • F: 3g
  • C: 8g

Emily: Woman after my own heart! I love a coffee + collagen combo. It’s definitely not required, but can give a nice extra boost of protein without even “trying”. Collagen provides the amino acids responsible for repairing hair, skin, nails – as well as building a strong gut lining. It’s great to eat a variety of protein sources because we use the nutrient in all kinds of different ways in the body.

9:30-10am – Breakfast

Once I’m at work and finished up with the majority of the things waiting for me first thing, I then tend to have something for breakfast. Today’s breakfast was 1 packet of plain oatmeal, ~1tbsp raisins, a splash of unsweetened almond milk, and an individual sized peanut butter packet.

  • P: 9g
  • F: 12g
  • C: 41g

Emily: A quick and easy portable breakfast! I love seeing a high fiber breakfast with the oats and dried fruit because we know fiber increases a meal’s “staying power”, so you stay fuller longer.

I see that you have a morning snack (below!), but should you not be able to or not want to eat something before lunch, you gotta boost the size and quantity in your breakfast or else you’re likely to be hungry! Consider adding a couple hard boiled eggs or mixing in a Greek yogurt to your oats to boost protein. I switch up my oats by adding Canadian bacon + over easy egg + riced cauliflower if I’m craving something more savory.  

11:00am – Morning Snack

Some days, my breakfast will hold me over just fine until lunch, but I had a decent workout this morning and breakfast wasn’t very big, so I’m hungry for something else. I’m also craving something sweet, so I grab a package of this peanut butter trail mix and tell myself I’ll just have half. I eat the whole thing instead. 

  • P: 8g
  • F: 20g
  • C: 24g

Emily: I love hearing that your appetite and metabolism is picking up in response to challenging strength training workouts. Don’t ignore those hunger cues – eat up!

Your oatmeal breakfast was on the sweeter, higher carbohydrate side which could be one reason you’re experiencing some mid-morning cravings in the first place. Remember, carbohydrates (from sweetened oatmeal + blueberries) spike your blood sugar, which can mean all kinds of munchie cravings as a result. By eating whole, real food based carbohydrates and/or pairing your carbohydrates with protein + fat, we can largely eliminate these cravings because blood sugar stays more stable. 

I could see you making your own trail mix with turkey jerky or dried meat sticks + almonds + chocolate chips + dried roasted chickpeas + whole grain cereal or grain free cereal. Make a big batch for the week and split it across several days!

1:00pm – Lunch

Today’s lunch looks no different from what it usually looks like. As long as I give myself the time, I almost always have a big salad, filled with lots of mixed vegetables, grilled chicken, feta, and dried cranberries. Since I don’t track the macros of any of the vegetables in my salad, I just make sure to measure/weigh the chicken, feta, cranberries, and salad dressing.

  • P: 42g
  • F: 12g
  • C: 10g

Emily: This looks awesome! Great job getting a mix of protein, fat and carbohydrate containing foods here. No one likes a “sad salad” – you know the one with iceberg lettuce, lousy dressing and a couple of low calorie toppings. This looks like a filling and satisfying meal. 

4:00pm – Afternoon Snack

Shortly after I get home from work, I grab myself two little halos (SO good!) and also count out a serving of these Mary’s Gone Crackers (these have quickly become some of my favorite crackers!!).

  • P: 3g
  • F: 4g
  • C: 34g

Emily: Before tracking macros, reaching for crackers might have meant opening the box and diving in for a few fistfuls before telling yourself you “messed up.” After tracking, reaching for crackers means measuring your personally perfect portion. You can eat the foods your love without having an internal argument about whether you’ve failed your nutrition plan. 

6:00pm – Pre-Dinner Glass of Wine

Jay had cracked open a beer, and I felt like joining him with a beverage, so I poured myself a small glass of white wine. I also took the time to measure it, since I was trying to be mindful on this particular day (and also because I knew I’d be sharing it in a post with you all!). I determine my macros for alcohol based on the WAG AlcCalc app on my phone, and usually have alcohol count more towards my carbs than fat, so this particular glass set me back about 25 carbs.

  • P: 0
  • F: 0
  • C: 25

Emily: Enjoying a glass of wine with the hubby after work (and full time homeschooling!) sounds like the best way to round out the day! I love seeing you swap some carbohydrates (you can also swap fats) to allow for alcohol on occasion. Remember, alcohol doesn’t provide the body with ANY nutritional value and could prolong achieving your lean muscle gain or fat loss goals so we want to minimize consumption for the best results. 

6:30pm – Dinner

Dinner tonight came easy, thanks to one of our favorite Chipotle Lime Taco Chicken in the Instant Pot! We did a sort of taco bowl, with rice (we were out of brown rice so just went with basic, white instant rice), shredded chicken, cheese, pico de gallo, and light sour cream. I totally would have added avocado, but quickly found out the one we had was bad. Womp womp. I also snacked on a few blue corn tortilla chips with the taco bowls.

  • P: 44g
  • F: 10g
  • C: 31g

Emily: Excellent example of a well rounded, macro (protein, fat, carbohydrate) balanced dinner. The only suggestion I might provide here is adding more color if you can! This dish looks like you could have added a handful or two of greens right at the end of cooking to get a bit more vitamins, minerals and fiber. I’m constantly asking my clients where they can add more deep and dark colored vegetables because you can’t go wrong with eating more of these!

8:30pm – After Dinner Snack

I almost ALWAYS have a little something after dinner, you guys know that! Sometimes it’s purely out of habit, and sometimes it’s because I’m actually still hungry. Can’t quite recall which it was on this particular day, but this snack is fairly common: a Two Good vanilla yogurt, mixed with ~1 tbsp mini chocolate chips and a couple of crushed up graham crackers.

  • P: 14g
  • F: 8g
  • C: 31g

Emily: A little something to end the night with – looks yummy! And, because you made it yourself, I bet you could have dialed up and down those macros to fit your needs and hit your targets by the end of the day. For example, if you saw that you were going to be short on carbohydrates, you could have added more graham crackers. Similarly, if you were short on fat, you could have added some nuts or seeds. Protein might be tough to add at the end of the day so that’s why it’s always great to front load at the beginning of the day. 

More tips like these for hitting your macro targets (and not losing your mind!) in my free download linked here!


Total Protein/Fats/Carbs*:

P: 130g

F: 69g

C: 204g


*These numbers were actually within about 5-8g of my goal numbers that I work towards while I’m tracking.

So, there you have it – a full day of eats! I’m actually going to try to do another one of these soon, to reflect how my eating looks like while working from home, so stay tuned. For now, I want to give a big shout out to Emily for collaborating with me on these last few posts! It’s been fun to switch things up a bit and share a little bit more on this topic with you all, so if there’s anything else you’d like to see, let me know. : )

Macro Expert Reviews What I Eat in a Day