Jan Welch Presents The Vault Episode 6

Welcome to the sixth episode of The Vault on the Then And Now YouTube channel. Each episode of The Vault features raw footage from one tape in Jan Welch’s collection. He has nearly 400 VHS-C, Hi-8, and MiniDV tapes that Jan is archiving and sharing with the world.

The Vault Episode 6

The Vault Ep 06 features Mathieu Heinemann, Brian Shima, Chris Haffey, Jon Elliott, Benny Harmanus, Brandon Campbell, Damien Wilson, Mac McMeans, and Jesse McClain. The footage on this tape was filmed in 2003 for my video United Front 2: Trash. All spots on this tape are in San Diego County. Episode six features a lot of hammers from Mathieu, Benny, Haffey, and Shima and features the first-ever (and maybe only) alley-oop soul to topsoul switch up from Brian Shima on a handrail!

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Jan Welch Presents The Vault Episode 6