Jedi Academy, Maus, Starship Hulk and More!



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All anyone can seem to talk about is Tosin, well that was until Cad Bane ruined the party.  Gotta be honest here, I don’t get the love for Tosin.  There is nothing so remarkable about him that warrants such sales.  I am more of a Star Wars guy anyways so don’t listen to me!  Here’s some books to look for, go get em’


Funny Aminals 1

First appearance of Maus

I am not diving into the debate on banned books here.  As a student of literature I have a strong opinion but this spot is about comics and this puppy predates all others.



Avengers Hulk FCBD 2021

First appearance of Starship Hulk

Donny Cates is causing a speculative headache again.  Though Titan ( ugh ) does not appear here, this is a Cates series key even if it is a FCBD issue.


Thundercats 1 ( 3rd Printing )

First 3rd printing of the first appearance of the Thundercats!

Are you looking for that elusive Thundercats 3rd print?  Odds are good it’s in this pack…



Excalibur 86

First appearance of Pete Wisdom

NOTE: There are three versions of this, a deluxe with card insert, a direct and a newsstand.

There has been some interest if MI:13 recently but this central character’s first remains a cheap stash.




Star Wars Heir to the Empire Comic Pack

It looks like we might have the source of that newsprint paper edition for issue 1. This one just sold for 500+




The Immortal Hulk: Flatline

If Titan is related to depression in anyway this comic could prove to be valuable.





Here’s all the other stuff I am looking for this week. True Firsts may or may not appear.



Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers 10 Rian Gonzales Variant

I don’t usually buy MMPR but I like this one as a long term hold.



Fatale is a series I hope gets a live adaptation. Here are my favorite covers from the series.


Rocket Racoon 3

First cover appearance of many of Rocket’s supporting charters, some of whom could appear in GOTG 3.


This week there is a lot of love for Jedi Academies with Leviathan taking the cake but here are some other key books…

Darth Vader 10

This comic is intriguing because Jocasta Nu is directly responsible for the origins of a new Academy that Luke will create.  Luke couldn’t do it without this canon issue.



The Rise of Kylo Ren 1

First in canon appearance of the Jedi Academy

There is a chance the academy appeared in an adaptation that came out earlier. IF this is true I will update this article.


Star Wars Empire’s End 1,2

This may not be the first appearance of the Jedi Academy from Dark Horse but it may as well be a prequel and Leviathan is heavily referenced.



And finally, here is a cover dump of some favorites

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Jedi Academy, Maus, Starship Hulk and More!