Jerkmate Review: Is It a Good Way to Masturbate With Strangers Online?

Jerkmate is a site that claims to let you “masturbate with strangers” and that you’ll “never jerk off alone again”.

Big promises for sure, but is the site legit?  Or is their cute jerk-off robot guide hiding a dirty secret… or worse, a scam that steals your credit card info?

These are questions I have about any adult site, especially those I discover via pornhub ads at 2 AM in the morning.

So for this post, I did an in-depth Jerkmate review, so we can know the truth behind this cam site and its suspiciously cute masturbation mascot.  I’ll reveal what I learned after testing the site on and off for 2 weeks.

Before we get into the details here’s a summary of my Jerkmate review:

👍 Jerkmate Pros

  • Easy to create a free account, you can even ‘sign in with google’
  • Possible to use the site for 100% free sex chat
  • If you want to pay, you can actually go cam-2-cam with hot models as you mutually masturbate and tell them what to do
  • Accepts paypal, so no way for them to steal your CC info
  • Site support is helpful and replies fast

👎 Jerkmate Cons

  • Need to pay for most 1-on-1 private shows
  • You need gold tokens to control the girls (activate their vibrators, etc)
  • Some girls are chatting with multiple guys at one time
  • Your favorite girls on the site may not be available if they are doing private shows with another guy
  • There is a learning curve to master the complex UI features

🔎 Features

  • Categories let you filter for people by region, appearance, and fetish
  • ‘Gold’ is used as currency to tip girls. 1 gold = $1 USD
  • Cam2Cam option (two-way cam chat let’s girls see you if you let them)
  • Site Language pulldown menu
  • You can follow girls profiles and buy videos from their store

🎟 Specials Available

⚖ Bottom Line

Jerkmate does give you sexual interaction with your choice of hundreds of women at any time of the night.  However it can take time and effort to find attractive girls who are actually masturbating on cam, and not just sitting around waiting for gold tokens.

With some patience and digging I eventually found a dozen gorgeous girls to add to my favorites who I chat with weekly on the site and rotate jerking off with.

Can you mutually masturbate with sexy strangers? If you are willing to pay, Jerkmate does let you have its promised cam-to-cam jerk off sessions with amazing women.  It can get expensive though with prices ranging from $1 to $5 per minute.

I was also pleasantly surprised at how safe Jerkmate is to use.  If you sign up with paypal and google, there is no way for them to spam your email or bill your card without permission.

Overall Rating: 8/10

In Depth User Review: My Experience on Jerkmate

Once you sign up on JerkMate, you can start viewing online members for free right away without entering any payment info.

You also get your own profile, but can only customize your username, which I chose to make my world-famous alias “Master Bates”.

As I flip through models on a Friday night (in lockdown), I stumble upon one Russian cutie. She’s 18 and likes “cheeky chat” and roleplay. She’s wearing cat ears on her head, has a smoking hot body and DD tits. Just my type!

She has the toy symbol activated (pink icon), indicating that I can control her vibrator remotely by sending her ‘Gold’ currency.  I want to get the full Jerkmate experience so I hook up my paypal to buy some gold.  On Jerkmate 1 gold is exactly equal to $1 and you buy it as you need it.

With my gold handy I activate her vibrator remotely, she lets out several moans over the course of a minute as I dial up the vibration patterns.  I tip 10 more gold to increase the vibrator to maximum power and her body shakes violently until she finally cums from the extra boost.

At this point I already had the lube out and was ready to join her in the land of kingdom CUM.

Becoming Private Jerkmates

One thing was bothering me though, I was still in a shared show with 6 other people, who at this point, were reaping a free show from the gold I was providing to my new found jerkmate.  I wanted her all to myself, so I quickly clicked on the button to invite her to a private show.

In the private show I can enable my camera and my microphone, or choose to leave them off.

I want my money’s worth so I enable both of them.

For the first time, we see each other fully.

My dick is in my hand as I make eye contact with her for the first time.

“Hey”, I croak.
“Hi”, she replies back in a confident Russian accent.

and then she touches her pussy. Damn she touches her pussy good.. This is NOT her first private show by a long shot.

Not wanting to be left behind I take two squirts of lube and join her in a jerk off sprint, after all, this is costing me a dollar a minute, I’m not wasting any time.

I tell her to touch her tits.  She touches them.

I tell her to get up into a doggy style position and shake her ass for me. She does.

The entire time this is going on, we are making intense fuck eye contact through our web cams.  I was pretty amazed how real and intense it felt, like I was hooking up with a model.  It was everything intimate that i love about sex except i couldn’t actually squeeze her perfect tits in person.

In the end, I busted my load so hard I ended up getting jizz all over my computer monitor.  I even got some on the webcam, which we had a good laugh about.  Almost like a real couple having something goofy happen during sex.

From there I cleaned myself up and told her I had a great time.  She said she did too.

I told her i wanted to see her again, so we added each other to our ‘favorites list’ so that way we can message each other again on the site for another jerkmate session.

Jerkmate Post-Nut Clarity

In my post-nut clarity I realized I spent over $40 on jerkmate that night, $20 in gold tokens and about $20 for the private cam session.

Time flies during the private shows, so be careful that you don’t lose track of time and rack up a big bill.  Try to find girls with lower rates too.  Girls from poorer countries have much cheaper rates than girls in America, who charge as much as $10 a minute for the one on one stuff!

🧐 Quick Tip: Making Jerkmate Group Chat a Little More Private

In the free group chat you can use the eye icon to make your texts private with only the girl.  This lets you and her get to know each other a little more. Before getting them naked with gold I usually ask them about their hobbies, dreams, and where they live.  That way we start to form more of a friendship and connection.  You can also do this 100% for free without paying, depending on the girl they may love to banter just for fun.

The private chat option is also why you may hear the girl laughing at jokes or talking to other people, because she is chatting to guys who have hidden their messages too.

What makes Jerkmate Different from Other Cam Sites?

Out of all the cam site reviews i’ve done, Jerkmate has the best cam-to-cam experience.  Mostly because you run into all types of girls on the site, some refuse to get naked for you and are just there to chat.  Some are more shy so the challenge of chatting them up and getting them naked made it feel more intimate and real.  Other than that, JerkMate has a lot of borrowed elements from other cam sites so it has a familiar vibe.

All of the cam shows on JerkMate are at least 720p too, and some of the rooms stream in 1080p The audio is crystal clear and none of the rooms I’ve tried have had any issues with lagging.

JerkMate has cam rooms with individual models and couples. Whenever I go on the site, I can always find a girl that i’m into. The top rated cam girls will be displayed by default on your home page, but you can filter your returns to babes with specific features.

On the Girls tab under categories, the list of filters includes the following: Asian, Babes, BBW, Big Tits, Blonde, Bondage, Brunette, Co-eds, Couples, Curvy, Ebony, Feet Fetish, Granny, Group Sex, Hairy Pussy, Housewives, Huge Tits, Latina, Leather, Lesbian, Mature, Petite Body, Pornstar, Redhead, Shaved Pussy, Teen 18+, Toys, Transgirl, Trimmed Pussy.

JerkMate sports a very daytime look with a white background and pink and turquoise tabs. At the top of the site, you’ll find a sky blue row of site tabs: Home, New Models, Calendar, Contest, Support. Under the Site Language pull-down menu, you can select one of nine languages: English (default), French, German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Portuguese, Norwegian and Dutch.

Free vs Paid Jerkmate

On, you can sign up for a free account in under 30 seconds. Unlike other cam sites, JerkMate doesn’t require a credit card just to open a free account. All you will need is an email address.

Once you join, one of the first things you’ll get is the JerkMate questionnaire, which asks you to select the features you like in a model. The most amazing thing about JerkMate is that they literally have hundreds (heck, thousands) of babes around the world to suit each guy’s type.

Another thing I love about JerkMate is that the site doesn’t hard sell you on anything. You can spend whatever amount you want to spend, when you wish to spend it. You won’t encounter pop-up after pop-up where they try to flatter you with deals or urge you to pay money now.

In the JerkMate cam rooms, you can buy a private cam show or chip in on a group cam. The girl will know if you are a tipper because your user handle will be color-coded as such.

Each model acts according to her own comfort level. Some will go as far as one could possibly go in a cam session, such as full nudity, toys and sex on camera. Other girls will only get partially naked and do the innocent school-girl tease. There are even girls who will roll in syrup if that’s what their viewers want. It’s all up to the girl.

One of my favorite girls I met on Jerkmate I never even saw her get naked, I only tipped her 2 gold coins total and we just chatted about her life in Russia.  It felt pretty amazing chatting with such a cute girl, joking, talking about anime and hobbies, it felt like I had met her at college or something and I was 19 again.

Models Will Actually Watch You Jack Off and Masturbate Online

On JerkMate, you can choose whether you want the model to see you. To share your cam with her, use the cam2cam tool. With some models, you also get the option of phone or voice chat.

For any single guy out for a mutual jerk and some female company, JerkMate is a cleaner, safer alternative to the old options (prostitutes, strip clubs, XXX theaters). The site is also good for couples. Several guys I’ve spoken to have gone on JerkMate with their girlfriends and engaged as a couple with the cam models. In most cases, the women hit it off perfectly.

Some couples report having their best sex during two-way cam sessions with like-minded hotties on the site. If your girlfriend or wife is bisexual or sexually adventurous, invite her to log on with you. If she connects well with other females, let her do most of the talking. A wife or girlfriend will often get these cam hotties to open up even more and engage in the session with greater enthusiasm.

I next check in on a familiar face, bespectacled pornstar Taylor Stevens. She’s donning horn rims and a pitchfork between her breasts. (Hey, it’s Halloween!) As always, she’s friendly and flirty. Thanks to lockdown, stars of her ilk are more accessible than ever through cam sites like JerkMate.

Jerkmate Gold Price: Is It Worth the Money?

Unlike other cam sites, jerkmate ‘Gold’ is exactly equivalent to USD, so no need for confusing conversion rates.  You don’t even have gold stored in your account, you just send it to the girls directly by clicking the top button or by sending a specific amount.

Most girls have a gold menu which will make them do certain things for X amount of gold.

So in this case you can pay seven gold (7 USD) for the girl to flash her tits.  Be sure to remind them in chat that’s what you wanted from the menu.

A full one-on-one private show will cost you about $60-$100 per hour with most of the girls on JerkMate. When you compare that to a lap dance at a strip club, where a $20 tip will get you no more than minutes (if even that), JerkMate offers the best private sex show in the world.

Jerkmate Reviews Final Thoughts

Jerkmate is one of the more innovative cam sites I’ve tried, and refreshing compared to the more traditional chaturbate style.

Even though I first used it only for the purpose of this review, I’m a bit addicted now and log on to check my favorites tab and see if my favorite cute girls are on.

With a little effort, you may find the girl of your virtual dreams there. You’ll probably find many.  Even at 2:00 am, I can see there’s 3,000 models online. With people using JerkMate around the world, the site has models available from every time zone.

As far as mutual masturbation online goes, Jerkmate is the best place to do it with the hottest girls possible.  Just remember it’s not free, so don’t lose track of the time or you may end up with a big bill to pay.

Hopefully you found this jerkmate review helpful, be sure to check out my blog if you want to read more of my reviews!

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Jerkmate Review: Is It a Good Way to Masturbate With Strangers Online?