John W. Jakes – Part 2: The Magazine and Paperback Years

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John Jakes, after five years in the Pulps, moved on to writing for magazines and novels. His story output slowed a little but he produced at least two novels most years, sometimes under his own name, sometimes under pseudonyms. For historical adventure he used the name Jay Scotland. He used his own name for the hard-boiled detective series starring Johnny Havoc but also wrote the last three Lou Largo novels as William Ard. The 1960s saw John writing tie-ins for Mystery television. This would later lead to him writing for The Man From U. N. C L. E.  and The Planet of the Apes novelizations in the 1970s. He also sold the first (and best) Brak the Barbarian stories to Cele Goldsmith at Fantastic. In the 1970s these would be collected, added to, and sold in paperbacks similar to what Lancer did for Conan and ACE did for Fritz Leiber. During this period, John had the good fortune to see many of his stories illustrated by three of SF’s finest, Ed Emshweiller (Emsh), Virgil Finlay and Gray Morrow.


Art by Verne Tossey

A Night For Treason (1956)

Art by Verne Tossey

Wear A Fast Gun (1956)

Artist Unknown

“Ambush at Arrow River” (Ranch Romances, January 1956)

Artist Unknown

“Home Front” (Accused Detective Story, January 1956)

Art by Paul Orban

“Shango” (IF, February 1956)

Art by Frank Kelly Freas

“The Cybernetic Kid” (Fantastic Universe, February 1956)

Art by Rafael DeSoto

“Find Father Ziertel” (Stag, April 1956)

Artist Unknown

“Dagger” (Hunted Detective Story, April 1956)

Art by Kirk Wilson

“Fury at Carbine Creek” (Ranch Romances, April 1956)

Artist Unknown

“The Siren and the Shill” (Accused Detective Story, May 1956)

Artist Unknown

“Razor in the Night” (Trapped Detective Story, June 1956)

Artist Unknown

“The Glass Eye” (Guilty Detective Story, July 1956)

“Pistol-Whipped” (Western Action, September 1956)

Art by Emsh

“My Brother on the Highway” (Infinity Science Fiction, October 1956)

Artist Unknown

“Bombay Blonde” (Hunted Detective Story, October 1956)

“Last Daiquiri” (Caper, November 1956)

Art by Mort Kunstler

“The Woman In The White Sweater” (Men’s Pictorial, December 1956)

Artist Unknown

“Bleed for Me” (Terror Detective Story, December 1956)

Artist Unknown

“The Razor and the Head” (Trapped Detective Story, December 1956)


Art by Robert Maguire

“Operation Zero” (American Agent, Spring 1957)

“Traitor’s Flight”(American Agent, Spring 1957) as Alan Henry

Art by Emsh

“Hero at Work” (Venture Science Fiction, January 1957)

Artist Unknown

“Horror in the Night” (Guilty Detective Story, January 1957)

“The Naked Gun” (Short Stories, January 1957)

Art by Will Graven

“Alas, Napoleon” (Tales of the Frightened, Spring 1957)

Art by Rudy Nappi

“The Singular Occurence at Styles” (Tales of the Frightened, Spring 1957) as Alan Henry

Art by Tom Ryan

“The Devil Spins a Sun-Dream” (Space Science Fiction, Spring 1957)

Artist Unknown

“Kept Woman” (Trapped Detective Story, April 1957)

Artist Unknown

“Kept Man” (Guilty Detective Story, May 1957)

Art by Ed Moritz

“The Affair of the Second Dracula” (Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine, December 1957)


Artist Unknown

The Devil Has Four Faces (1958)

Artist Unknown

The Seventh Man (1958) as Jay Scotland

This’ll Slay You (1958) as Alan Payne

Murder He Says (1958) as Alan Payne

Artist Unknown

“Uncle Willie’s Strippers” (Murder!, July 1958)

Artist Unknown

“Kiss Your Brother Al Goodbye” (Murder!, September-October 1958)

Art by D. Bruce Berry

“Miss Impossible” (Imagination, October 1958) as C. H. Thames

Art by D. Bruce Berry

“Blizzard Brain” (Space Travel, July 1958) as John Darius Granger

Art by D. Bruce Berry

“The Deadly Mission” (Space Travel, September 1958) as Alexander Blade

“Feed Me, Mr. Wodgett” (Monster Parade, September 1958)

Art by D. Bruce Berry

“Nine Shadows at Doomsday” (Space Travel, November 1958) as S. M. Tenneshaw


“The Last Spoon” (Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine,November 1957)


Art by Dean Cate

I, Barbarian (1959) (as Jay Scotland)

Artist Unknown

The Imposter (1959)

Artist Unknown

“The Crooked Three” (Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine, February 1959)

Art by Gaylord Mecker

“How Cool the Fuel” (Satellite Science Fiction, scheduled for June 1959, unpublished)

Art by Emsh

“Night of the Robots” (Science Fiction Stories, July 1959) as Allen Wilder

Art by Art Sussman

“The Eleven Diplomats” (The Saint Mystery Library, September 1959)

Art by Ted Coconis

“The Nine Guilty Nannies” (The Saint Mystery Library, September 1959)

Art by Luszcz

“The Honest Fakirs” (The Saint Mystery Library, October 1959)

Photo by Bob Ritta

“The Dead Dodos” (The Saint Mystery Library, October 1959)


Artist Unknown

Johnny Havoc (1960)

“A Case of Charity” (Adam Bedside Reader 4, 1960)

“Doomsday” (The Saint Mystery Magazine, January 1960)

Artist Unknown

“Ten Lost Bombs” (The Saint Mystery Library, February 1960)

Art by Leonard Goldberg

“The Seven New Saints” (The Saint Mystery Library, March 1960)

Art by Grayam

“The Red Telephone” (Amazing Stories, April 1960)

“To Hell with You” (Tightrope, April 1960)

Artist Unknown

“The Strange Paintings of Felix A. Orth” (Fear! May 1960)

“The Eight Wasted Wells” (Tightrope, May 1960)

“The One of Nails” (77 Sunset Strip, July 1960)

“Three Helpful Teachers” (The Saint Mystery Magazine, August 1960)


Artist Unknown

Strike the Black Flag (1961) as Jay Scotland

Art by Lou Marchetti

Make Mine Mavis (1961) as William Ard

Artist Unknown

The Defiled Sister (1961)

Art by Virgil Finlay

“Political Machine” (Amazing Stories, March 1961)

Art by Emsh

“The Highest Form of Life” (Amazing Stories, August 1961)

Art by Kilpatrick

“A Cabbage Named Sam” (Fantastic, October 1961)

“Cloak and Dagger” (The Saint Mystery Magazine UK, October 1961, February 1962 US)


Artist Unknown

Johnny Havoc Meets Zelda (1962) (aka Havoc For Sale)

Artist Unknown

Sir Scoundrel (1962) (as Jay Scotland)

Art by Robert McGinnis

Veils of Salome (1962)

Art by Lou Marchetti

And So to Bed (1962) as William Ard

Art by Lou Marchetti

Give Me This Woman (1962) as William Ard

Art by Gary Gore and Dale Mann

“The Man Who Wanted to Be in Movies” (Dark Mind, Dark Heart, 1962)

Art by Dan Adkins

“Recidivism Preferred” (Amazing Stories, February 1962)

Art by Virgil Finlay

“The Protector” (Amazing Stories, May 1962)

Art by Bob Ritter

“One Race Show” (Galaxy, August 1962)

Artist Unknown

“My Love, The Monster” (Web Terror Stories, August 1962)


Art by Robert Maguire

Arena (1963) (as Jay Scotland)

Artist Unknown

GI Girls (1963)

Art by Robert Maguire

Traitor’s Legion (1963) as Jay Scotland

Johnny Havoc and the Doll Who Made ‘It” (1963) (aka Holiday For Havoc)

Artist Unknown

The Man From Cannae (1963)

Art by Vernon Kramer

“In the Days of King Arsgrat” (Fantastic, January 1963)

Art by Joe Mugnaini

“Underfollow” (F&SF, May 1963)

Art by Dan Adkins

“The Screams of the Wergs” (Fantastic, May 1963) as Jay Scotland

Art by Vernon Kramer

“Devils in the Walls” (Fantastic, May 1963)

Art by R. D. Francis

“The Sellers of the Dream” (Galaxy, June 1963)

“Suspect” (Manhunt, August 1963)

Art by Virgil Finlay

“Witch of the Four Winds” (Fantastic, November December 1963)


“Sex Shoot” (Adam Yearbook, 1964)

Art by Emsh

“When Idols Walked” (Fantastic, August September 1964)


Art by Emsh

‘”The Girl in the Gem” (Fantastic, January 1965)

Art by Gray Morrow

“The Pillars of Chambalor” (Fantastic, March 1965)

Art by George Schelling

“No Vinism Like Chauvinsim” (Amazing Stories, April 1965)

Art by Gray Morrow

“The Silk of Shaitan” (Fantastic, April 1965)

Art by Gray Morrow

“Miranda” (Fantastic, May 1965)

” Unc Solves Flix Flap” (Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, June 1965)

Artist Unknown

“The Night Alexander Slept in the Carport” (Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine, August 1965)

“Unc Probes Pickle Plot” (Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, September 1965)

Artist Unknown

“Monsieur Crutch” (Intrigue Magazine, November 1965)

The next decade will see John move into bestsellerdom and win himself a place as one of America’s favorite storytellers.

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John W. Jakes – Part 2: The Magazine and Paperback Years