Journaling for Caregivers: Rediscover Yourself and Reclaim Your Life

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At some point during your caregiving journey, you may find yourself in a rut. The awareness may come with a birthday, a change in season, an event, or the beginning of a new year. Whatever the reason, the sameness of each day can, at times, seem overwhelming and permanent. Yes, you experience adrenaline rushes when your loved one has an emergency. Yes, you have frequent medical updates and handle other changes in their care. But what about you? What about your need as a person to look forward to something fresh and exciting in your own life every once in a while?

Sadly, new beginnings for caregivers are far easier to suggest than to accomplish, especially since they tend to come after significant endings. Yet, with some effort, you can still find small ways to refresh your life if you are willing to push yourself outside of your comfort zone. One route to exploring new possibilities and rediscovering yourself is journaling. Writing in a journal can be a useful exercise for examining where you were before you took on the caregiving role, where you are now and how you envision your life in the future.

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Journaling for Caregivers: Rediscover Yourself and Reclaim Your Life