Tecnorama sets global standards in dyehouse automation solutions

A strong R&D focus and commitment to technological innovations have been the secrets behind Tecnorama being always ahead of the curve. Not one to rest on past laurels, the company, considered the global leader in dyehouse automation solutions, marches on in its relentless pursuit towards the next innovation.

In an exclusive one-on-one, Mr. Lorenzo Marsiglio, Sales Director of the company, gave detailed insights on Tecnorama’s recent performance, its product innovations, its presence in the Indian market, expectations from the market in the near future and future plans.

Mr. Lorenzo Marsiglio, Sales Director, Tecnorama

Edited excerpts:

Beginning the interaction with an overview of the company’s recent performance, Mr. Lorenzo Marsiglio stated that 2018 had been a very good year for Tecnorama. He said: “Globally customers acknowledged Tecnorama as the best solution to automatically run dye-house laboratory. Tecnorama is close to customers’ dyeing process needs and therefore constantly works in partnership with them to develop new, high-performing machines.”

Highlighting some of the key achievements of the company in 2018, Mr. Loren Marsiglio pointed to the excellent feedback it has received for Shakerama. “It has been the most requested dyeing module in the Dos&Dye system. Dos&Dye is the completely automatic system composed of a Dosorama dispensing machine and a robotized dyeing machine able to work autonomously 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In the laboratory, it reduces the dyeing trials to obtain the exact recipe, thanks to the complete reproduction of the dyeing cycle exactly as in the bulk machines in preparing, dyeing, soaping and washing. The ‘Right First Time’ result grants the exact recipe coming from the laboratory in order to drastically reduce the corrections after dyeing and the re-dyeing into bulk machines with huge savings in the time dedicated to a production batch and the increase in the whole productivity of the dye-house,” he said before adding further: “Shakerama introduced a new type of dyeing system with the ‘shaking’ of the liquor and the textile material at the same time, similar to the working concept of the Jet and Over-Flow dyeing machines used in bulk. As for the other Tecnorama automatic dyeing machines, the dispensing of dyestuffs and chemicals is done directly and automatically in the dyeing units by the multi-pipette dispensing system.”

Listing out the key global markets for the company Mr. Lorenzo Marsiglio observed: “The main markets for Tecnorama are the Middle and the Far East. The positive response from countries such as China, Taiwan, India, Bangladesh and Pakistan allow Tecnorama to be increasingly present in these markets with new references every year.”

Speaking about the recent capacity expansion at the company’s plant, Mr. Lorenzo Marsiglio said: “This year we are proud to announce to have doubled the production capacity of our company. Given that all Tecnorama dispensing and dyeing machines are completely produced inside our factory in Italy, thanks to the good results and customer responses in recent years, the Tecnorama Board decided to augment the production department with a new area, which duplicates the existing one.”

Indian market

So, how was the Indian market in 2018 for Tecnorama? Replying to this question Mr. Lorenzo Marsiglio explained: “India, for us, is a market in evolution. We closely follow the trends, thanks to Tecnorama local agents. The satisfaction to grow together with the demand of the Indian market is our aim and provides us inspiration to find solutions that we propose to sell in other markets. Tecnorama perfectly knows the Indian market and its needs. It works in partnership with the clients to find the ideal solutions for the improvement and the growth of the Indian dye-houses that are very important for the development of the global textile production. In particular, in 2018, we also obtained two fundamental references from two important customers as Rajapalayam and Sintex which reconfirm Tecnorama’s presence on this leading market.”

Sharing some more thoughts on the point, Mr. Lorenzo Marsiglio said: “The total control of the entire productive processes is a great advantage. For this reason, Tecnorama offers automation solutions that allow an easy and efficient management of dyehouses processes. On the other hand, buyers are mainly looking for green technology to save water and electric power. They are more dedicated to lessening pollution and being more sustainable, and this is the same direction that Tecnorama has undertaken. Technologies, automation and environment care are the global drivers for the future and India is a very promising market that is following these trends. This is because Indian customers are oriented to export, which means emphasis on obtaining better quality and being more competitive on the market.”

Future focus areas

Replying to a query on what are the key parameters which would drive the company’s future product development, Mr. Lorenzo Marsiglio said: “We have always been working on automation with a green mentality. Adopting the Dos&Dye full-automatic system means decrease in labour dedicated to sampling and the possibility of working during night or weekends. The definitive efficiency is given by eliminating errors in dispensing and by a considerable reduction in dyeing to get the exact recipe. The main benefit of the Dos&Dye system is the high value of the right-first-time: the reductions of re-dyeing and the corrections in bulk machines bring both water and energy saving.”

“Dos&Dye has been evaluated by an international testing, inspection and certification institute matching the features required by the national law of some countries to get benefits for 4.0 investments. It accomplishes the following features for 4.0 Industry: CNC/PLC control, interconnection with factory information system, integration with logistic system, friendly man-machine interface, standard safety compliance, continuous monitoring of working conditions and process parameters and remote control. Moreover, Tecnorama provides remote assistance, thanks to a software that allows to monitor the machine process in every phase and operation in order to provide an online support and, in case, upgrade the machines software in real time,” he added.

In addition to Dos&Dye, Tecnorama has other systems that help the customer in energy savings, including:

  • ‘Multi-Fastest’, a device to control the wet fastness (like washing, water perspiration). The tests are carried out before the dyeing machine is unloaded and the quick result (a test lasts 3 or 4 minutes) allows the operator to understand if the fastness is good or if it needs another washing operation immediately. Energy saving consists to avoid repeating again the operation of washing and drying.
  • ‘Ecodyerama’, a smart device that tests the clarity of the water used for washing after the dyeing. Once the required level has been reached the batch is downloaded without having to do additional scheduled washings which are not necessary.

After sales service

One of the key differentiating factors in the marketplace today is service and availability of spares. Elaborating on Tecnorama’s focus on this crucial area, Mr. Lorenzo Marsiglio said: “Customers really appreciate the post-sales technical training that takes place both in their laboratories and in Tecnorama where it is possible to carry out dyeing tests directly in our internal laboratory.  In any case, following the simple instructions given in the user and maintenance manuals and thanks to the scheduled maintenance, customers can easily keep the system up-to-date and efficient. Regular maintenance is easily programmable within one working year and can be carried out by the customer’s maintenance department. From experience, our systems rarely need direct intervention, but should this happen prompt assistance is assured. Remote intervention is provided on request, thanks to our software developed in the company’s IT department which allows our technicians to monitor the operation of the machine during each stage in order to provide online assistance, in real time. Moreover, Tecnorama guarantees on-site assistance, thanks to the presence of technicians worldwide. Adding to this is the fact that our warehouse is well-stocked, and most of parts can be supplied within a few days.”

Tecnorama is looking forward to participating in ITMA 2019 in Barcelona. Throwing light on the company’s preparations for the premier textile machinery trade fair, Mr. Lorenzo Marsiglio said: “We strongly believe in ITMA and we have worked hard to be ready for this important event. Our stand in Barcelona is conceived to welcome clients and dyeing specialists in a relaxed atmosphere, giving them solutions for their needs. We will showcase our latest innovations on full-automatic philosophy, and we will also present our new advertising campaign focusing on the concept that Tecnorama is colouring the world. Right first time!”

Tecnorama sets global standards in dyehouse automation solutions