IHSW or International Hermit and Stitch Weekend always starts on the third Friday of the month.  It's a chance to lock yourself away and focus on your stitching for the weekend.  You can take part on your blog or via the Facebook page - IHSW on Facebook.

Friday was a work day again so I didn't get much done, just a couple of lengths of background on my focus project which is Gathering Eggs by Nora Corbett.

Here's where she was when I picked up her up on Tuesday:

Here she is at the start of Saturday:

And here she is now:

stitched on 35 count Vintage Country Mocha linen

That was a LOT of fill-in, quite mindless but done now.  I'm currently stitching the large lilies on the right and some more fill-in.  Then I can start the lovely border.

My evening project has been another one of The Primitive Hare celebration freebies.  This one is Lammas which is the first Harvest Festival celebrated on 1st August.  I am early for this one!

stitched on 35 count Cream Linen

Finally the next IHSW will be 20th - 22nd August so make sure you note the date in your diary or come and join us in the Facebook Group - IHSW on Facebook. If you don't do Facebook then you can check in here by leaving a comment on my post.