"Out on a Limb"...

Hello and welcome needlefolk friends!

Sharing today is a much needed follow up for
the "Little Wren" Handworke Club!

First, I'm happy to say that club kits have shipped 
and are on the way!

Now, to reveal the club project...
"Out on a Limb" Pinkeep & Fob

Oh the sweet anticipation of Springtime,
the sound of happy little birds busy building their nest,
patiently awaiting the arrival of their young!

Project is stitched on 36ct "Vintage Country Mocha" linen,
and has a nice finished size of 7.5"Long by 5"Wide.

The backside is finished with this charming Civil War Reproduction fabric.

Love these sweet little "nest" charms!

Kits include the ribbon and charm to make a
sweet little scissor fob for your favorite pair of scissors!

One club members name will be drawn 
quarterly for this year's gift giveaway.

The gift will be the same each quarter,
and will be this "Little Wren" necklace 
as shown in the photo.

The winner for this quarter is...

Congratulations to 
C. Soucy, Boxford, MA

Also, it's not too late to join the "Little Wren" Club,
memberships are available through Etsy.

For complete details, 
please click 


Recovery Update...

My 2018 Kia Soul was totaled on February 21st after being T~boned,
 but the good news is, I now have a brand new 2020 Kia Soul!
Just waiting for new replacement plates to arrive in the mail!

Last week I had a setback with recovery from my concussion.

  I've been struggling with Vertigo, and had a really bad
experience during the night which resulted in my 
husband having to call an ambulance to get me
to the hospital!

Vertigo is horrible!
My symptoms have been...
~ nausea
~ dizziness
~ head spinning
~ ringing in ears
~ confusion
~  eyes hurting
~ panicky

So, recovery continues at a slow pace!


Check out this rare sighting...
I literally had to look twice while sitting in the 
waiting room at Mayo Clinic! 🤭


Soul Food...

"As a bird that wandereth from her nest, 
so is a man that wandereth from his home"

Proverbs 27:8


Please take time to make your soul happy
while spending time at home!

Joyfully, Tammy

"Out on a Limb"...