Finger Pointing – April 16th

Hello everyone ! Gaelle is here, after serevals issues with my computer, for a new Gallery Standouts post today. I love browsing galleries to find some inspiration and beauties.


Here are my picks for today :

Little Events by KarenB

The colours on this page caught my eyes. Pictures of little moments like this are doing me a lot of good right now. The design is simple with just the right things.


Quaranteam by Glori2

There is a certain sweetness to this page. The brightness of the photo blends very well with the colour palette used. The clusters bring an airy side to the whole.


New_Normal_-_Mask by pagefrocks

The situation we are in right now does not give us much freedom. And I find that this atmosphere is well translated in this page. The design is square, rigorous, clea, there’s nothing out of place, but the page is very pretty.


Wren by Lady22

The viewing angle of this page changes from the classic horizontal or vertical orientations and this is what catches the eye in this page. Everything is correctly placed, neither too big nor too small, and we even find the cover pattern on the transfer pattern.


trmisuD_NDay_spring.jpg by sharonb

On this page, we find a nice work on the photo and the frame. The background lets the lightness of spring capture us. A nice page full of freshness.


Original… by Marleen

This last page calls for dreams and imagination. It is a work of art with many small details. And it feels good to be dreaming right now.



I hope you like my picks and wish you a great scrapping day 😉


Finger Pointing – April 16th