Kansas City’s Snow Team prepared ahead of winter weather

The City is pretreating roads ahead of a minor weather event tonight. Crews will be out in shifts ensuring major roads will not be impacted. The City is prepared for the approaching snowfall Monday night; however it is not expected to be significant.

The City has a fleet of 290 snow removal vehicles, a stockpile of 40,000 tons of salt, 10,000 additional tons of salt is ordered, and hundreds of drivers who will work 24 hours a day before, during and after each storm.

 “We are going to be aggressive in terms of how we fight snowfall in the future,” Mayor Quinton Lucas said. “No longer is it that we are reactionary, instead we will make sure we have enough salt, enough trucks, enough drivers to hit every Kansas City neighborhood, and hit it multiple times.

The new Kansas City snow removal plan includes:

  • More aggressive pretreating of roads with salt, brine (liquid salt solution), and “ice ban” 24 hours or more before storms arrive.
  • Expanding service to 24 hours a day on residential routes.
  • Curb to curb plowing on all streets. Previously, only one travel lane would be cleared.
  • Plowing multi-lane arterial streets with multiple trucks working in tandem to make sure the street is fully cleared on the first pass.
  • Adding over 100 new drivers to the snow removal team by assigning all available employees in all departments to snow operations during each snow event.
  • Adding 50 new vehicles to the snow removal fleet through retrofitting existing vehicles to become plows and rebuilding the existing fleet with newer plows.
  • Suspending trash and recycling during big storms to make drivers available for plowing snow and to reduce the number of other vehicles on the road.
  • Deploying new technology to track exact locations of plows, digital plow route management, and progress tracking of all routes.

For more information on the City’s snow plan KCMO.gov/snow. There is also information on what residents should know during a snow event and to see where crews our working through the snow map.

This information is from a press release provided by the City of Kansas City.

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Kansas City’s Snow Team prepared ahead of winter weather