Katumba challenges gov’t officials to resign and earn Ugx 25,000 SAGE fund

John Katumba campaigns in Mityana town. Courtesy photo

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Independent presidential candidate John Katumba has decried the Shillings 25,000 monthly gratuity disbursed by the government to senior citizens saying it is too little to sustain an individual for a month.

Government pays out Shillings 25,000 to the elderly citizens from 65 years of age and above under the donors funded Social Assistance Grant for Empowerment-SAGE.

However, Uganda’s youngest presidential candidate John Katumba argues that the money is too little.

Addressing voters in Mityana and Kassanda districts, Katumba challenged government officials to quit their offices in exchange for the monthly payment of Shillings 25,000, which they are paying the elderly if they are contented with the amount.

He explained that it is improper someone to pay taxes for years and end up getting peanuts as a token from the government.

He rallied those attached to their political parties to look at issues going on in the country and vote for change, which will see a new Uganda benefiting everyone.

He says that he has registered a number of complaints regarding poor health services in almost every district he has been to.

Katumba has also lashed out at the NRM government for not doing enough to extend quality education to all Ugandans.

He criticized individuals who thought that he was not serious and called him a comedian when he joined the presidential race, adding that it is the same people who are now using excessive force to block him from reaching out to Ugandans in search for votes.

Katumba is wondering why security would deploy a contingent of police patrols and military operatives to prevent him from campaigning.

Unlike in other parts of the country where Katumba and other presidential candidates were blocked from moving freely, he was allowed to walk freely through Mityana town without police interference.

He warned that those who are planning to rig elections would pay a high price.



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Katumba challenges gov’t officials to resign and earn Ugx 25,000 SAGE fund