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Self care… To some, it means a night on the couch binging Netflix. To others, it means running regularly and eating healthy, locally grown food. Yet to others, it might mean regular massages, facials, hot yoga, and other healthy habits that contribute to the wellness of our mind and body. And the connections that lie between them.

Starting in my early 20s, I grew quite fond of the deep-tissue massage. My plate is always over-flowing with my full-time career and side hustles (Vermont Realtor, marketing consultant, wedding band manager, coach and trainer, travel blogger). I feel most fulfilled with a long to-do list. I am energized by new ventures popping up regularly. However, I do as a result have my fair share of stress that manifests itself in my back and neck. When I discovered the beauty of the deep tissue massage, it was a gamechanger for me. Regularly relieving the knots, kinks and other discomfort in my body, has aided my sleep and general recovery. Massage makes me a happier, more balanced person. And for that, I am grateful.

Massages in Vermont

In the past 15 years, I’ve had many massages in Vermont and beyond. It’s one of few things I truly prioritize, selfishly. I splurge on massage over just about everything else in life (well, maybe not travel…) But massage is for me and only me. And that’s okay. I have big dreams for my life after all. I need to protect the only vessel I have to get me to experience all that life has to offer.

Recently, I had the pleasure of experiencing – without doubt – the very best massage I’ve had in Vermont from Rod Cain himself from Rod Cain Massage Therapy. The 90-minute, deep-tissue massage I enjoyed, with delicate detail work where my body needed it most and a variety of modalities and musculoskeletal work, reminded me how curative and truly restorative body work can be.

Rod Cain Massage Therapy Space Rod Cain Accents Buddha - Rod Cain Massage Therapy

Experiencing Rod Cain Massage Therapy

Located in Suite 224 in the Chace Mill in Burlington, Rod Cain Massage Therapy is a multi-therapist massage practice. The Chase Mill, lining the banks of the Winooski River across from Winooski, was once a cotton factory, then turned a mercantile facility. Now it hosts a variety of businesses – maybe encouraging health and wellness. In addition to the location in Burlington, Rod Cain Massage also have a practice in Essex, Vermont. Stepping into the terracotta hued space in Chace Mill immediately creates a sense of bliss. A warm brick wall lines one wall, while industrial accents on the tall ceiling give the space a modern, inviting feel. A pink himalayan salt lamp, trickling waterfall, a Buddha statue and orchid dress up the space.

Rod graduated from the Florida School of Massage and has been working as a massage therapist for 28 years. His current practice has operated out of the Chase Mill for six years and in his current suite for the past four years.

Dance-Like Massages & The Mind-Body Connection

Once on the table and ready for my massage, I immediately felt a sense of calm. Perhaps it was Rod’s energy or perhaps it was the aura of the space. Rod, himself, is a master of massage technique. His skill is beyond (and far and away) from any other therapists I’ve worked with in Vermont. His hands somehow navigate to and intrinsically find the areas of your body that need body work and extra attention the most.

What I do know is unlike many massage therapists I’ve worked with, Rod has an innate ability to sense where your body needs extra stretching, depth, and care. During my 90-minute massage, I pummeled Rod with questions about his work. What struck me most is that even after 28 years in the industry, he still loves working on each client with purpose and presence. He’s evident his regular clients feel similarly to the experience I had, as he’s a finalist for the Seven Daysies for massage therapists in Vermont for 2019.

Rod Cain Massage Therapy, Burlington, Vermont

I definitely experienced a difference in the 90-minute deep tissue massage I experienced from Rod Cain. In trying to get to the bottom of it, I think a lot of it comes from the experience and skill Rod has. He explained to me that no two bodies are the same – ever- and they can’t be treated as such. The hands need to speak to each unique body independently. Rod described it like dancing… you may be doing the same dance but with different dance partners, no two experiences are ever the same.



Chace MillTips for Experiencing Rod Cain Massage Like a Local:

  • Chace Mill offers extensive free parking. It’s easy to find a spot and get to your appointment on time.
  • The massage suite is located in the middle of the second floor. Take the door in the right (on the opposite side from Pingala Cafe). The stairs are on your left. Proceed to walk straight down the hall to Suite 224. If the door is closed, there’s a leather couch and waiting area around the corner and across from the bathrooms.
  • Worried about self care emptying your wallet? Massages at Rod Cain Massage are some of the most affordable in the area. A 60-minute custom massage is $80. 90 minutes is $110 and an 120-minute custom massage is $145. Rod also offers 90-minute couples’ massages for $220.
  • All massages are fully customized to what your body needs, from restorative massages to sports medicine massages to prenatal massages and and rehabilitative massages in Vermont.
  • Time of year impacts your ability to get an appointment quickly. To be safe and have a variety of appointment times, try to book at least 2-3 weeks out. The summer months tend to have more cancellations and last-minute appointments available.
  • If you’re like me and crave the convenience of online booking, you’ll be happy to know Rod Cain accepts online appointments here. You can also easily review, cancel or change your appointments.
  • Interested in giving the gift of self care? You can order a printable gift certificate or emailed gift card for a 60-minute or 90-minute massage.
  • Committing to self care regularly? Take advantage of Rod Cain Massage Therapy’s package pricing, which saves you 15% to 20% on packages of 5-10 massages. I can’t, personally, think of a better way to ensure you take care of yourself regularly!
  • Always forgetting your check book? Rod Cain Massage accepts PayPal, as well as Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express on site.

Rod Cain Massage Therapy
1 Mill Street, Suite 224, Burlington, Vermont

*I received a complimentary massage to experience Rod Cain Massage Therapy personally. All opinions are my own.

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Rod Cain Massage Therapy, Burlington