The Joy Of Painting + My Favorite Art Supplies

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I’ve been taking some time to really slow down and indulge in being creative.

All of my experiences and emotions go into my paintings. Part of my creative process is trying new things and covering up what I don’t like, which is forever changing and evolving just like everything else in life.

Whenever I create, I only keep out the art supplies I use most. Otherwise, I’d get completely overwhelmed. In pretty much every painting I use acrylic paints, inks, oil paintsticks, paint pens and water-soluble pencil, so that’s what stays out, in my favorite colors.

Then when I hit an ugly stage or when I’ve been painting over a face again and again, I go into my overflowing supply bin and get something I haven’t used in a while for new inspiration.

Here are a few of My All-Time Favroite Art Supplies:

  • Stabilo Marks All Coloring Pencil in black (this is water-soluble)
  • Acrylic paints: I always choose 3-4 of my favorite colors. I especially love green gold, quinacridone nickel azo gold, cobalt teal, and titanium white
  • Oil paintsticks (I love Shiva brand in antique white, burnt sienna and turquoise. Sennelier also makes oil sticks and Winsor and Newton makes oilbars, which are sometimes easier to find and the same thing, they just might take a little longer to dry. Oil paintsticks are different from oil pastels.)
  • Water soluble oil pastels (I love Portfolio brand sets because they’re super creamy and Caran d’Ache Neocolor II Artists’ Crayons for outlines)
  • Paint pens (I love Sharpie’s water-based paint pens, especially the white for highlights, black for outlines and fluorescent pink for cheeks)
  • Acrylic inks
  • India inks
  • Soft Pastels (pink and white work well for cheeks and highlights… I also mix pastel with acrylic paint to make new colors)
  • Liquid Watercolors (especially in florescent colors)
  • Glue (I use Liquitex Matte Medium for my glue, but a glue stick works too)
  • Bleeding art tissue paper (this is the kind kids use in school, so the color bleeds off and creates beauty like stained glass)
  • Other collage materials (tissue papers, lokta paper, maps, sheet music, book pages)

If you don’t have a stabilo or water-soluble pencil, sometimes I’ll also use dark ink (calligraphy, acrylic or india ink) or dark acrylic paint applied with either a thin brush or calligraphy brush, or charcoal, vine charcoal or a black water soluble oil pastel or pencil will work too.

You can see how I use some of these supplies in the video below.

I love mixing acrylic paints and inks together to get unusual colors that I then repeat throughout a painitng collection. If you’re looking to add more whimsy and freedom to your artwork, don’t cover everything up in your painting. Instead, when you don’t like something, add a thin layer of ink on top to redefine your painting, but keep the underneath layers showing through.

Mistakes always happen while I’m painting. But whenever I paint I feel the freedom to let go, play and make a beautiful mess. That’s when the magic happens.

If you’d like to experiment with art supplies and have more fun with your paintings, I’ve put together my Joy Of Painting class, which starts soon. This workshop is perfect for anyone looking to paint loosely and whimsically (and have more fun).

Click HERE to learn more about Joy Of Painting

Have a wonderful weekend! Happy painting!

xo Juliette

Ps. Click HERE to join me for a Free Painting Workshop and learn my favorite painting techniques and supplies.

The Joy Of Painting + My Favorite Art Supplies