Kia Sonet’s Infotainment System: All The Standout Features

Not so long ago, music systems were a luxury which was reserved for the most expensive trim of a mass-market car. These days, the humble car radio has evolved into a modern-day infotainment system which not only performs the basic function of playing music, but also includes a full-blown touch screen which displays a multitude of information and allows various functions of the car to be operated with a single touch or swipe or even your voice. Powered by technologies like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, these systems also mirror your cellphone to help you stay connected while you are on the move.

Kia Sonet Remote Start

Among compact SUVs, when it comes to offering the biggest screen size, the Kia Sonet emerges at the top with its 10.25” HD touchscreen. In addition to this, the Sonet also comes fitted with another 4.2” colour screen in the instrument cluster to deliver driving-related information to the driver. Here are some of the standout features of the infotainment system inside the Sonet.

Bose Seven-Speaker Sound System With Subwoofer

Until now, premium sound systems were reserved only for high-end cars and if you wished to listen to music like it should be listened to, taking the aftermarket route was the only option. But that would also mean that the tweaks required to install an aftermarket audio system would void the car’s warranty.

Kia Sonet Bose Audio System

To ensure you get the best sound quality for the money you spend, the Kia Sonet comes fitted with a seven-speaker sound system from Bose and to add that much-needed heft to the music, there’s a subwoofer which has been paired with the system. As one of the well-known names in the audio equipment industry, Bose requires no introduction when it comes to sound quality.

Largest Touchscreen

The 10.25” touchscreen which acts as an interface for the infotainment system displays content in full HD. While some might question the need for such a large size for the display, the fact remains that touchscreens have now become the norm for car infotainment systems and once you get used to them, there’s no going back. Also, a larger touch area requires less diversion of focus and makes it easy to capture information and operate the system for both, the driver and the front passenger.

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The infotainment screen is compliant with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Both technologies allow seamless integration of your cellphone with the car’s system. While they stay connected, a wireless charger, which is cooled, ensures your cell phone rests in an ideal environment while its battery is being charged. In addition to this, the touchscreen allows the user to control the two-stage air purifier inside the car and the LED sound mood lights which can either stay static as ambient lighting inside the cabin or groove to the tune being played by the audio system.

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If you are one of those who don’t like their car systems to depend on the cell phone and its data connectivity for features like navigation and live traffic information, the infotainment system inside the Sonet does the job on its own. The in-built map which is a part of the infotainment system keeps itself current automatically with a new update. This takes away the need for the system to be updated manually at the service centre, every time there is an update for the map available. What is really likeable about this system though is the fact that the user interface allows easy navigation through various menus and sub menus, making it a breeze to navigate through various functions.

AI Voice Assistant

Responding to the greeting, “Hello, Kia”, this artificial intelligence-powered voice-recognition technology can be used to operate multiple features of the Kia Sonet. The list includes phone calls, weather information, time and date, Indian holiday information, media control, navigation control, climate control, finding out the latest cricket scores, and a 1st in industry driver window up/down through voice command.

uvo sonet d

4.2-inch Colour Instrument Cluster

In addition to the massive screen in the centre of the cabin, a 4.2-inch colour display which sits in the direct line of sight of the driver, displays important drive-related information like readings from the trip computer, readouts for tyre pressure, mirrors the navigation screen from the infotainment display and displays drive mode and traction mode selection.

Kia Sonet Colour Screen

In addition to all this, the UVO connected car technology which the Sonet comes equipped with offers as many as 57 connected features while the smart key which operates the car, along with the UVO connect feature, can remotely start the car a few minutes before your journey to cool or heat the cabin and make it ready for your journey.

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Kia Sonet’s Infotainment System: All The Standout Features