Kill Team - a NEW New Kill Team Campaign

Orion stopped by to play Kill Team again on Thursday and we decided to start a Kill Team Campaign! 

I thought I'd start with the Pusy Posse - a team of Chaos Space Marines! I'd sorted out their campaign stuff (Requisitions, Spec Ops campaign, etc) beforehand - you can read about it on the separate page. 

Orion quickly Spent some requisition points on equipment (Grenade Launcher, Grenades, Purity Seal) and a couple Strategic Assets for his base of operations (Tactical Uplink and Stimm Stash) and selected a Spec Ops campaign to start on (Purge Order). 

We have yet to decide WHERE and when this campaign is taking place. The Octarius Warzone? Somewhere on the Indominus Crusade? We'll fill in the details as we go!


For our first game we randomly rolled 2.3 Supply Drop from the Octarius book. There are three objective Markers spread evenly across a line equidistant from our respective Drop Zones representing positions where the Supplies might be dropping. Points are scored for whoever controls the objectives at the end of each Turning Point. At the beginning of the third and fourth Turning Points one, randomly determined objective disappears. The Value of the Objective is determined by how many are left (2VP per objective on the first two Turning Points - when there are still three, 3VP per objective on the third, when there is only two, and 6VP for whoever controls the last remaining Objective at the end of the final Turning Point). 


  • Brother Brutt - Chaos Space Marine Aspiring Champion - Boltgun and Fists
  • Brother Gloomfell - Chaos Space Marine [Icon Bearer] - Bolt Pistol and Chainsword
  • Brother Logg - Chaos Space Marine [Gunner] - Plasma Gun and Fists
  • Brother Volghor - Chaos Space Marine [Warrior] - Boltgun and Fists
  • Brother Boecher  - Chaos Space Marine [Warrior] - Boltgun and Fists
  • Brother Maligniles - Chaos Space Marine [Warrior] - Boltgun and Fists
Pack Tra - Space Wolves Primaris Intercessor Kill Team
  • Bjerg - Intercessor Sergeant - Power Fist and 
  • Hatti Trueshot - Intercessor [Warrior] - Bolt Rifle and Fists 
  • Verk - Intercessor [Warrior] - Bolt Rifle and Fists 
  • Rygar - Intercessor [Warrior] - Bolt Rifle and Fists 
  • Ulfrik - Intercessor [Warrior] - Bolt Rifle and Fists 


Objectives set up. Troops deployed. Only Hatti Trueshot took an Engage Order - in case he could get a line of sight on someone with his Auxilliary Grenade Launcher. 

Opposite Hatti and Verk, were Bother Gloomfell and Brother Logg. 

Brother Brutt and Brother Volghor ... were set up in the center to go after the middle objective. 

Brother Boecher and Brother Maligniles were off on the left flank, opposite Sergeant Bjerg. 

Equipping our troopers, the Pusy Posse took Malefic Rounds for all those armed with Bolters and the Space Wolves gave Hatti Trueshot an Auxilliary Grenade Launcher, Frag, and Krak grenades and a Purity Seal for the Sergeant. 

For the Scouting step I selected Recon - as I kind of thought Orion might go for Infiltrate - which would mean HE would have had the initiative for the first round. I kind of wanted him to have the initiative and go first - while we all, mostly, had Conceal orders - so I could WHERE each of his guys were going and react accordingly. 

Normally, him having the initiative, with smaller numbers, would mean that he'd get some rounds of Overwatch shooting... but only if they had Engage Orders and only if they could SEE any of my troops... 

Well he picked Fortify... and so that plan went out the window. I used the Recon bonus to allow Brother Boecher to dash forward over on the Left Flank - FAR from Hatti Trueshot - the only enemy with an Engage order for the First Turning Point.


Starting off the First Turning Point, the Space Wolves revealed the Rout Tac Op and no one bothered with Strategic Ploys (as most involved fighting in some form, and there likely wasn't going to be any as everyone had conceal orders for the First Turning Point) 

The rest of the First Turning Point was mostly a mad rush to the Objectives!

On the Pusy Posse's right flank, Verk started things off by rushing to cover - right beside the Objective. Bother Gloomfell and Brother Logg couldn't quite make it far enough to contest the Objective so remained in cover behind the Plasma Conduits. Hatti Trueshot clambered up onto a Vantage Point on top of the shipping container - which negated the Traitor Marines cover and made them visible, viable targets, so he fired a frag grenade at the two of them... 

This is one rule that irritates me a little. - the Vantage Point. If you are on a position that is more than 2" higher that an opponent, you have a Vantage Point and it basically negates any cover they have...  I understand it was written for simpleness, but it seems absurd that a dude who is up on top of a crate could see past any cover half a table away. A simple thing would have been to say if the height different is less than the range to the target or even if the difference in height is more than half the distance to the target... but that would require fiddly measuring and this game has tried to do away with that entirely - everything is measured with the two little gauges... Ah, well... I'll just have to let it go. 

Further down, Brother Brutt and Brother Volghor rushed to the center objective, as did Rygar and Ulfrik. Got so excited about playing... we totally forgot about some very basic rules like - you cannot get within 1" (Engagement Range) of an enemy you can see unless you are charging (and cannot charge if you have a Conceal Order!) We were both guilty of this on the First Turning Point! 

Even Further down, the Space Wolf Sergeant and Brother Boecher and Brother Maligniles converged on the final Objective Marker. 

At the end of the Turning Point both sides earned 2 VP each for holding a single objective (the one in the center was contested and controlled by no one) - and 1 XP (for Scoring VP) were assigned to Operatives involved in said VP (Brother Boecher and Verk) 


As thing were about to get CrAzY, both of us used two (or three?) Strategic Ploys. I know the space wolves used Bolter Discipline (may fire twice with bolters) and Shock Assault (may fight twice) and I used Chaos versions of the same (Malicious Volleys and Hateful Assault) and also used Let the Galaxy Burn (if attacking the closest enemy, one roll of 5+ may be retained as a Crit). 

I also revealed all of my Tac Ops - Hold the Line (keep enemy away from my own Drop Zone), Protect Assets (take out two contesting Objectives within one Turning Point), and Damage Limitation (Survive a Turning Point without any losses!?). 

Brother Gloomfell, teh Icon Bearer, used his Icon of Chaos special action and charged in against Verk! Blows were exchanged and damage dealt.. Verk didn't activate until later in the round, at which point he finished off Brother Gloomfell (gaining 1XP!) 

Hatti cranked a Krak grenade at Brother Logg, seriously injuring him. 

Bjerg, the Intercessor Sergeant attacked Boecher, fighting twice and messing him up with his Power Fist - reducing him to just two wounds! Boecher dealt some damage back, though. After the Sergeant was done, Maligniles joined the fray and finished of the sergeant (+1XP for Maligniles!) 

Rygar and Ulfrik blasted away, point blank at Brother Brutt and Brother Volghor. Brother Brutt and Brother Volghor concentrated their fire on Ulfrik (I actually took ONE out on and objective already - the Serageant - I just needed to take out a second to score a VP from the Protect Assets Tac Op). Brother Brutt and Brother Volghor. failed to take him out, though... 

Brother Boecher left Brother Maligniles to hold the Objective they'd seized from the Space Wolves Sergeant and ran around the corner to blast away at Ulfrik as well. 

It was up to Brother Logg and his plasma gun to finish off the intercessor... so he cranked up his plasma gun to SUPERCHARGE - giving it an additional point of Armour Piercing and making it hot... so... he could take himself out... but that extra point of AP is HUGE against hard targets like Space Marines in Power Armour! Logg was seriously injured and needed all the help he could get... and probably wouldn't survive another shot from Hatti, anyway... It also seemed like a Chaos thing to do! Totally worth it! the blast of super-SUPER-heated plasma finished off the Primaris Intercessor! (+1XP!)

Brother Logg then ran and dashed across the Conduit to contest Objective #3! 

At the end of the Turning Point i scored 2VP for Objective #2 (held by Brother Maligniles +1XP), 2VP for Objective #1 (held by Brother Brutt and Brother Volghor, +1XP for Brother Brutt, 1VP for Protect Assets Tac Op (taking out two enemy on Objectives, +1 XP for Brother Logg), and 1 VP for Hold the Line Tac Op (for no enemy being with 6" of my Drop Zone)! Total so far: 8VP for the Pusy Posse! Thins were looking up! 

Nothing for the Space Wolves - YIKES!


"Oi!? Wot's This then!?"

At the beginning of the Third Turning Point, Objective #2 just... disappeared?! 

Brother Maligniles found himself needing to find new purpose in life. He briefly considered taking up watercolour painting... but then remembered there were marines to kill and diseases to spread! Later in the Turning Point he would move up... 

The situation at the beginning of the Third Turning point - both teams down two warriors. Both holding ONE objective. 

Ulfrik started things off by blasting away at Brother Volghor and, after TWo rounds of shooting didn't take him out... Ulfrik charged in - trying to tie up both Brother Brutt and Brother Volghor. The Pusy Posse hadn't the Command Points to take Hateful Assault - which would allow them to fight twice... so options were fight once with one and if both survived, then fall back... then the other could simply fall back and shoot...?  

In the meantime, however, Brother Logg, who was feeling his time on this field of battle was limited, supercharged his Plasma gun and released another torrent of super-duper-charged particles straight through the cover that Verk was hiding behind melting his armour and effectively welding what remained of him to the side of shipping container! 

Hatti Trueshot avenged his fallen brother by pouring bolter rounds down on Brother Logg, putting him down... for the time-being, at least. 

Hatti scored a VP (and an XP) for the Deadly Marksman Tac Op (in addition to the XP gained for taking an enemy out)... though we may have misread that one.. 

Brother Brutt took a swing at Ulfrik and then Fell Back. Brotehr Volghor then fell back and blasted away at Ulfrik - finishing him off! 

Holy CARP! that would be the SECOND turning point that I'd score Protect Assets! When I selected it at the beginning of the game, I wasn't sure I'd even pull it off ONCE!? (+1VP for me and +1XP to Brother Volghor). I also scored Hold the Line again (+1 VP and +1XP for Brother Brutt) 

Having backed out of Engagement Range from Ulfrik, that also put Brutt and Volghor out of range to claim control of the Objective. 

Hatti Trueshot was on an Objective though, and this turn they were worth 3VP (and +1XP for him!) 

This brought the score to 10 - 6... things weren't looking great for the Space Wolves... BUT whoever controlled the Objective in the final round would score 6VP - it it happened to be the Objective Hatti was sitting on...? 


It was not... the Objective Hatti was sitting on disappeared at the beginning of the Fourth Turning Point. 

Hatti hauled ass, moving and dashing to get just close enough to contest the final objective and then blasted away at Brother Maligniles who had just rounded the corner to see if there was anything he could do... (gaining another VP from the Tac Op and two XP for scoring the VP AND taking an enemy out) 

Brother Brutt and Brother Volghor leap over the barricade and blasted away at Hatti trying to clear him away... Hatti got a round of Overwatch fire between the two and luckily DIDN'T take one out.. but also managed to survive this onslaught!? 

In the end the Pusy Posse had move APL on the final objective and scored 6VP(!) for holding it (as well as another VP for Hold the Line).


Checking everyone afterwards, everyone in the Pusy Posse passed their casualty check... except Brother Logg!? GAH!? He ended up with a Severe Concussion (reduced Weapon Skill!?). That wouldn't do! I briefly considered using a Requisition Point to call in a MedEvac - which would reduce the Cerebral Affliction, which isn't a permanent Battle Scar, but then he gains no experience for the game and had to miss the next one!? I'd have to use a second Requisition Point to bring on a new team member anyway, so I decided to add one, have Brother Logg miss a game and make a recover roll after the next game to see if he could shake the concussion... 

And so Brother Bloatus was added to the roster - another Chaos Space Marine Gunner, armed with a Melta Gun! Like the plasma gun that Brother Logg carries, it deals some serious damage AND had AP2... but only at short range. 

Pack Tra's Sergeant also suffered a Battle Scar - Sapped Strength - reduced Weapon Skill!? That won't do - as the WS for a Power Fist isn't all that great to begin with. I think They'll be requisitioning a new Substitue/Back-Up Sergeant to give Bjerg a chance to heal up... 

The scenarios in the Octarius book have Spec Op and Tac Op bonuses (which the ones in the Core Book does not?). These are bonuses that you gain if you successfully use certain Tac Ops or are on specific Spec Ops missions. In this one the Tac Op bonus is that if you scored 3+VP from Security Tac Ops, you gain an additional Requisition Point (which I did - so bonus Requisition Point for me!). The Spec Op bonus is that if you are undertaking a Recover Archeotech or Honourbound Spec Op AND at the end of the battle your leader is controlling the Landed Supplies Objective Marker 

Experience was tallied and most of my guys got a few (except Brother Gloomfell, who fell to early in the game to gain any). NO one collected enough to make it to Veteran. 

I think Hatti was super close - 5XP - if I counted right?

Hopefully we'll get in another game next week. As with the campaign I'm playing with Finnegan (and possibly Amanda, soon!) I may start a second Kill Team to use in this campaign - probably Chaos Deamons... and probably Daemonettes of Slaanesh. I COULD do a fire team of Khorne Bloodletters... and though there is nothing in the rules prohibiting it, it makes no narrative sense having Khorne and Slaanesh Daemons in the same Kill Team as the two are (im)mortal enemies!? 

Or maybe I'll just use these guys again for Game Two - to get a bit more experience for some of them and give Brother Logg a chance to rest and hopefully pass a Recovery Roll and hopefully shake off that Concussion! 

Finnegan and I have another game planned for later today and Amanda even hinted that she might be willing to try the game out afterwards! Woo! 

Later, as I was re-reading through the Narrative Play Mission sequence, I noticed that there are maximums to what you can score for different things - and additional things you score points for! You can scor a maximum of 12VP for mission objectives, a maximum of 2VP per Tac Op (so, 6VP total for all three cards) and gain 2VP if your entire Kill Team is painted to a Battle Ready Standard! I think this might have changed the score to 18-10...? I'll have to remember that for next time. I guess that would also have affected the XP some would have gained... but I'm not going to go back and change that. 

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Kill Team - a NEW New Kill Team Campaign