Girl Junkie by Nick Krauser. Book Review



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Just when we thought Nick was done with his 4 part memoir, we are presented yet again with another beast of a memoir- Girl Junkie. The first thing I noticed on examination of the book was the artwork. It looks awesome. The style of artwork continues throughout the book in full colour with the trademark cartoon-like illustrations of the girls at the beginning of each chapter.

The book covering 2015, continues on where Adventure Sex left off with Nick just having his best year in the game. I was really looking forward to reading this memoir as I was curious how someone can follow on from a year like that once most of his goals have been achieved. What’s next for the player’s journey? Surprisingly, Nick doesn’t really mention his previous year that much. Where a normal guy would compare himself to the previous year and try to ‘beat it’, it sounded as though Nick was fairly content. As it turns out, Nick didn’t have any goals for the year which resulted in a few problems. This being one of the main themes of the book.

From reading all of his memoirs over the years I have noticed his writing style improves with each one. The writing style is similar to the previous Younger, Hotter, Tighter as I get the impression not much time has passed between completing both books, however, there is still a slight improvement in Girl Junkie. One thing Nick is great at is raising the tension at critical points throughout the book using short sentences and descriptive writing perfectly, such as when he is on a Same Day Lay attempt. He really puts you- the reader into his shoes in these moments when everything feels like it is on a knife edge. That feeling of anticipation/nervousness/excitement we are all familiar with when we are in those same situations. I have always found it hard to put that feeling of the daygame roller coaster into words in my blog posts, Nick does it here with ease.

Throughout the book, Nick seamlessly jumps from the narrative to what was going through his mind at the time and why he made that particular decision in the moment. Even though this is a memoir rather than a textbook, taking this approach helps the reader to still take something away from it.

Another highlight is Nick’s descriptions of certain situations, throwing in the right amount of humor. I really like his description of the girls he meets, making each one stand out to the reader, such as “She was the healthiest looking skeleton I’d seen since Bones from the Super Ted cartoons I’d watched as a child.” And my favourite… “Together with her tight orange cardigan, she looked about 12 years old”.

The book actually starts off fairly slow as he is still in hibernation mode at the beginning of 2015… until a certain video surfaces, by a certain PUA, throwing the community into disarray, lets call him Dorero… Don Dorero. Don appears throughout the book and you soon realise why Nick fell out with him as he gives you all the information on what actually happened. Interestingly Nick doesn’t come across as overly bitter. Don’t you just love PUA gossip? As well as Don Dorero, the usual motley crue of characters make an appearance and it was even funnier for me as I knew a few he mentioned. The Street Attraction lads also make an appearance with Eddie becoming one of the main supporting characters, taking the place of the RSG boys from the previous books.

One of the highlights personally for me was when Nick covered the few seminars/events at the beginning of the year in February 2015, specifically the Womanizer’s Bible event as I was actually there myself. I don’t remember much from it apart from the fact it was the first time I had met Nick and remembered him telling us all about the ‘BBC  story’, as well as drinking one too many beers myself while trying to focus on the mindwank incredibly technical presentation. I had just moved to London myself and it felt like my entry to the London PUA scene, feeling like the beginning of a new chapter in my own Daygame journey.

Reading the book I can’t help feel as though Nick has fallen into a routine. You will notice this when you realise he just hits up the same places for his Euro Jaunts i.e. Belgrade, Warsaw etc. I understand after a while you just want to go where the girls are hot and which places work for you but I did miss the chapters in previous books where he had a mad adventure in Brazil, Cuba or Mexico etc, giving him those hilarious stories. Its probably because I have been to all of these Euro jaunt locations myself so I wasn’t as excited in reading about them. Personally for me, its always a lot more interesting reading about some place you haven’t been to. This was the only thing missing for me.

If I were to draw comparisons to any other book in the series it would be Adventure Sex, due to the fact it is pretty much dedicated to straight up Daygame when I would group Deplorable Cad and Younger, Hotter, Tighter together as they have more of a travelling adventurer theme throughout. However, Girl Junkie reads just like YHT with Nick’s improved writing style.

As you go through the book, certain themes will become apparent to you. One being how game can change us over the years, which I have always thought about. Nick first hints at this in the 3rd chapter when he is on a normal holiday with a girl. When anyone else would simply relax and enjoy the holiday for what it is, Nick was bored shitless. I have noticed the same in myself as we are all so used to just chasing the next ‘rush’. Is it possible we are burning out our dopamine receptors or something? Another example was when Nick was on a normal lads holiday in Marbella. Since committing yourself to this lifestyle, it is amazing how a normal holiday can quickly turn degenerate. It’s as though it’s always pulling you back. A normal holiday just won’t cut it now.

As well as the personality change Nick is going through, you also see how is game is slowly evolving. Nick refers to this later in the book on analysing the strategy he took throughout the year. You will realise this is sewing the seeds for his next innovation in game- Daygame Infinite.

Overall, I really enjoyed the book and compliments the series perfectly. On first reading it you will think it is all just routine- but that’s the point, just spinning his wheels. The chapters in Riga rounded this theme off perfectly as Nick goes through a period of self reflection. I was surprised to hear that even back in 2015, he wasn’t fulfilled chasing women anymore. It’s for this reason the book truly stands out from the others. Nick can tell he is changing and this could be the most important part of his journey. Something that most of us will be able to relate to.

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Girl Junkie by Nick Krauser. Book Review