It’s here, the new uPort logo!

Today is the day! We’re launching the new uPort logo! 🎉

There are a lot of memories and history attached to our old logo. We loved it. But as uPort has grown and matured, it’s time our branding reflected that change.

When uPort launched 4 years ago, we were more of a research project. The Ethereum community had just started forming and everyone was eager to experiment and learn about new possibilities self-sovereign identity could bring. As a small, techy project, we loved to test, experiment and learn about new use cases alongside our early adopters; the blockchain developers and innovation teams.

We’ve come a long way since then. We have grown into a more established product team, serving large and small organizations all around the world. Don’t get us wrong, we’re still pretty geeky, use-case curious, and want to keep learning from you. But we’ve also matured in many ways, built reliable and easy-to-use tools that your organization or ecosystem of organizations will need to get started easily with decentralized identity and benefit from today.

The new, more refined and professional-looking logo better illustrates what uPort is today.

At uPort, we are dedicated to building trusted global data ecosystems, creating new commercial and creative opportunities that rely on private, trusted data exchange. We believe that data exchange between individuals and organizations can be done in a trusted and secure way if people are provided with the right tools.
We build those tools.

The mark

The new uPort symbol is simple and geometric, striking a balance between being professional-looking yet customer-friendly. As our mission is to build human-centric data management tools, the mark symbolizes a person in control of their information. Additionally, it incorporates a U shape at the bottom of the mark referring to uPort’s name. Furthermore, the symbol allows us to use many of its elements (dots, arcs, and rings) to extend the brand for other purposes.

The color palette

Fear not! We’re not giving up on our famous blurple brand color. We’re just making it richer, more alive and distinct. The complementary colors of red, orange, green and blue give us an opportunity to build more balanced and interactive interfaces for our products.

The new website

Today, we’re also launching our new website. Broadening the scope of our services required new messaging and a more professional, visual approach. With our website, we aim to reach and educate a broader audience about the value of decentralized identity, and how we, at uPort, are building products that bring it to life and to your organization today.

Over the upcoming months, we will be expanding our website to include service and product descriptions, case studies & more visual content.

To see the new brand in action, go to (psst… goes live at 2 PM ET, Oct 3, 2019)

What’s next

Within the next couple of weeks, expect the new brand and visual elements coming into the website, developers' documents, mobile app, and marketing materials.

These will be accompanied by new product launches and exciting project announcements.

The new logo and brand are just the beginning of a much bigger uPort evolution.

Stay tuned! 🙌🏻

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It’s here, the new uPort logo!