Vintage Finds: The All-Occasion Box of Greeting Cards

It’s easy to let your day pivot around what you discover on Facebook Marketplace. You could be casually scrolling through photos of your friend’s dog, then happen to click on the Marketplace button and BOOM!

I found an estate sale that I HAD to see. Why? Because in the background of all the photos was an orange and green shag carpet.

And the wallpaper…

And the light sockets!

And paneling… holy moses was that ever a THING.


This house was decorated ONCE in the 60s. In the corner of the sewing room (!!) I found this:

The holy grail of vintage estate sale finds.

That’s a Woolco W, people. Prepare yourself for a flurry of vintage art, old fonts, and a lot of exclamation marks.

There were plenty of Get Well cards. It was pointed out to me that people don’t generally send Get Well cards. That could explain why there were very few birthday cards. Oh the evolution of communication! (Thankfully we still have the exclamation mark!)

The paper is just regular folded paper. Nary a 176g/m2 in the bunch… that’s tech talk for “card stock.”

Wait for it…

A pop-up!

Oh PLEASE… Fine. I will. Since you said please.

Get-Well… get it… well. WELL. 


A scalloped edge… nice touch. 


Another PLEASE.



DAY! I feel yelled at after reading these all in a row. 

I don’t think “Some things are here to stay.”


But only a “GET-WELL” wish in quotations. Thanks for nothing.


You… Random Caps Are Always A Little Weird.



Nothing says congrats like this still life. 

Nothing says love the idea of the husband rooting around in her greeting cards to find a note for her.

That was a dollar well spent. As for me and my letters… the October Paris Letter is out the door. I just LOVE October. So much so that I made a personalized version of one of the autumn note cards. It’s avails at the shop! (Exclamation!!!!!)

I think I had too much coffee. Or too many well-wishes.

Vintage Finds: The All-Occasion Box of Greeting Cards