Lay Report: Sultry Saudi Same Day Lay

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Like this but darker skin and more of a cute look

London Daygame has been a grind since I have returned from St. Petersburg. My vibe is fine at first but after about 20 minutes into my sessions I feel like I don’t want to be there and have a sudden overwhelming urge to just go home and watch Netflix. I’m currently balls deep into a Daygame burnout it would seem. I have found the 3 best remedies to get over a burnout are as follows:

  1. Actually get laid
  2. Change things up somehow
  3. Take a break

Thankfully, I had a healthy dose of number 1 before I had to start considering the other two.

It was Friday afternoon and it was the one day of the week when I’m based in central for my job so I thought I would make the most of it and take a cheeky extended lunch break to see if anything took my fancy. As I’m walking down the trusty Neal Street near Covent Garden, I see an exotic sultry looking girl showing a decent amount of cleavage strolling down looking into the shop windows. I go in.


Excuse me, I’m just on my way back to work but I wanted to quickly say hello. You look very pretty, like Jasmine from Disney.


Oh haha, thank you.


I’m guessing you come from the Middle East. Maybe Bahrain.


No I’m Saudi. Haha why did you think Bahrain?


I know Bahrain is a lot more liberal. You must be the most western Saudi out of the whole of Saudi Arabia by looking at you!


We have a small chat about her region using the small amount of knowledge I gained from banging the Bahraini girl at the beginning of the year and I find out Nasrin is just here for the weekend as she studies in Scotland. I wanted to find out if this was actually going anywhere so I needed to filter for westernised green flags, such as whether she drinks alcohol and past relationships etc.


You must be enjoying yourself in Scotland. Do you drink alcohol?


Yes, sometimes with my friends there (Westernised green flag #1)


Excellent, we are on the right tracks here. Nasrin has been living in the west for a while and didn’t come across as a normal Saudi girl due to her personality as well as how she was dressed. She seemed very keen on the approach but was a bit hesitant on the date request.


OK, I have to go back to work now. But let’s go for a drink another time.


Hmm, I go back to Scotland on Sunday


Sure, let’s just meet tonight.


Maybe, I’m not sure.


I take Nasrin’s number and head back to work. I proceed to date request her for that night having no idea if she would come out or not as I thought there was a fairly big chance she would flake. Soon after Nasrin confirmed but threw a spanner in the works by wanting me to go to the other side of London. I hold my frame and tell her again to come to the area I live (she did not know this yet) as there is a great rooftop bar. She confirmed.

Nasrin turned up on time looking very pretty and happy to be there. We get to the bar and head to the busy rooftop as everyone was out for Friday evening drinks. Nasrin looked very pretty and along with her standout exotic look, a few guys were looking over do doubt thinking “how did that bald cunt get her?!”

Well I can tell you one thing… it wasn’t tinder you faggots.

There was only room to stand but the vibe was good and we were getting to know each other. I thought I would continue with my checkbox exercise.


So have you ever dated western guys or only Saudi guys?


Well, my last boyfriend was a French guy (Westernised green flag #2)


Things are looking good and she seems keen. We head down into the bar below and are able to get a sofa so we can sit next to each other. The date then turns into a blur as most of my dates feel increasingly similar these days but I remember playing a half-hearted attempt at the questions game.


When was the last time you had sex?


A couple of months ago (Westernised green flag #3)


Good. Praise Allah… I’m going to get my Saudi Arabian flag tonight. I turn Nasrin’s head towards me. We kiss. Shortly after I invite her back to mine for a film and a drink. She accepts.

I lead Nasrin back to my flat and as we walk into my room, I open the door and a wave of heat hits me. My room is still like a sauna from the scorching hot day we had the day before. ‘Well, at least she’ll feel like she’s back home in the Saudi Arabian desert right now’, I think to myself. I look to my left, push the camel out of the way and put on the fan as we lie down on the sand watching a film. Shortly after, I’m balls deep in her tight Saudi pussy while trying to angle my body so I could feel the wave of cool air from the fan. It was like a game of twister. As I’m going inside her, with a look of complete disbelief on her face she says…


I can’t believe what is happening. This is the craziest thing I’ve ever done!


I actually believed her. Nasrin came across as a very sweet, feminine K selected girl that was just going along for the ride. She wasn’t a muslim but when I meet a girl from one of these strict conservative muslim countries I can’t help thinking it is likely it won’t go anywhere, but it shows you just don’t know. From talking to Nasrin and the Bahraini from earlier in the year I have come to realise we tend to group all these muslims together as being the same but Arabs do seem to be different (except for the inbreeding of course) to the gross ‘Asian’ muslims we get here in England from Bangladesh and Pakistan. The Arabs I have met actually don’t like and look down on the Asian muslims from Bangladesh and Pakistan and Nasrin even said that in the past, Saudi Arabia banned citizens from Bangladesh because they were causing trouble. Good on them.

We met the day after- her last night in London for round 2 before she got the plane back to Scotland on the Sunday. Post sex, we were talking about her culture some more and Nasrin mentioned that she, along with the rest of Saudi Arabia like Trump because they are allies. I turn to Nasrin and say…


Close your eyes, I’ve got a present for you


Haha, OK


I reach into my cupboard and tell Nasrin to look back over at me. The little Arab is then confronted with me standing in the middle of my room butt naked, cock hanging out,  just wearing my MAGA hat. It was a sight to behold, I can assure you. She cracked up laughing and ended up taking a selfie wearing the hat herself.

Saudi Arabia Daygame trip next year anyone?

Lay Report: Sultry Saudi Same Day Lay