Accessing the VA Podcast Network

How to access the VA Podcast Network

VA podcasts are valuable resources for Veterans. They contain information on programs, services, tips, stories and news from the VA, Veteran and military communities. These accessible, downloadable podcasts are created specifically for Veterans.

The VA Podcast network aims to strengthen the Veteran community through storytelling and explanations of service-earned benefits and resources. The hosts also design the podcasts to deliver information that Veterans may not learn about elsewhere.

In addition to the podcasts’ audio, Borne the Battle and Vets First offer full episode transcripts. Written transcripts provide an alternative for those who are not able or who would rather not listen to the audio versions of the podcasts but still wish to learn the information.

Each podcast on the network offers different information.

  • Borne the Battle highlights offices, resources and benefits offered by the VA and Veteran community.
  • TAC Talks delves into the Technology Acquisition Center’s work, and outlines the strategies, research and processes it uses for acquisitions.
  • My Life, My Story is a collection of Veterans’ life stories read aloud from the My Life, My Story project.
  • Vets First seeks to close the information gap between researchers and the Veterans they serve by sharing researchers’ findings and Veterans’ research experiences.
  • Fresh Focus delivers simple nutrition plans and tips for eating healthy.
  • Delivering More Together focuses on innovation and how VA medical centers utilize the latest research and technology to change and save Veteran lives.

Anyone can subscribe to these podcasts. Subscribing allows the listener to receive notifications and automatic downloads of new episodes. By subscribing to VA podcasts, Veterans can ensure that they do not miss important programs and developments.

Accessing the VA Podcast network

You can access the VA Podcast Network in multiple ways. You can use a computer to listen to the podcasts on the VAntage Point Blog and on several web-based services. This video demonstrates VAntage Point blog site navigation and explains ways to find the VA Podcast Network and individual podcasts. The video also shows you how to use Google Podcasts and Spotify to access and subscribe to VAPN podcasts.

When using a smart device, such as a smartphone or tablet, there are a few apps that allow access to the VA Podcast Network podcasts. This video demonstrates how to find them using Siri, the Apple Podcasts app and the Google Podcasts app.

Jana Jenkins is a podcast intern with VA’s Digital Media Engagement Team. She is an undergraduate student at the College of Saint Benedict studying Communication.

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Accessing the VA Podcast Network