The Joy of Driving a Carrera GT on a Wintry Mountain Road

Thanks to a fortunate set of circumstances, we get a sense of how a well-used Carrera GT performs in wintry surroundings. No traction control, no modes to choose from, and a fearsome reputation pushes steely drivers like our man here to treat the Carrera GT's inputs with some circumspection. It's claimed a few lives and clearly doesn't have the sort of supportive character that modern—even some of its contemporary—hypercars have. So when the elements aren't making life any easier, how does an experienced track driver engage with one of the most demanding cars ever sold to the public?

Simple, straightforward, and spartan—with only beechwood-knobbed shifter for a little style. 

The spike of revs and an unmistakable scream (0:32) set the tone. Without a doubt, the urgency and directness of the drivetrain are a large part of what makes this car such a singular creation. Few road-going machines employ a clutch as famously difficult to interact with, and the way this motor revs—more racing car than road car—means gear changes are something which require a great deal of concentration. "Once I got the knack of it and found my pedal spacing, and the way the engine revs so quick, the heel-toeing is just bliss to someone like me," says TheSUPERCARDRIVER's Charles Craven.

As the wheels search for grip and the motor spikes and screams, even driving the Carrera GT in a straightline is an engaging experience that requires full concentration. Trying to put the 605 horsepower down with such a responsive motor and the torque you'd expect from a 5.7-liter V10 isn't easy; every prod of the throttle is an event.

Seeing real grime grace a GT's hide is a thing of beauty.

Because something like the 992's performance is much easier to access, the Carrera GT may not be quite as quick on a slippery country road, but who cares? With the sense of occasion and the ever-present threat of a trip off a hillside, this car is undeniably the more exciting. It requires constant attention, but few machines are as rewarding—provided the driver is gifted enough to handle it.

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The Joy of Driving a Carrera GT on a Wintry Mountain Road