Last Week’s $67 Kroger Shopping Trip

I was excited about the seltzer water and cheese deals at Kroger this week!

There weren’t that many produce markdowns, but I picked up all three of these bags and was especially excited about a few marked down avocados!

There was a lot of marked down meat, but it was mostly more expensive than I’ll pay — even for marked down meat. Though I was excited about the Instant Pot meal for $4.99!

The bread cart was pretty empty, but I did grab a loaf of Garlic Bread to pair with Ziti + some rolls.

My total for all these groceries was a little over $67.

That bagged salad was SO good!

I remembered the Morning Glory Muffins the other day (anyone remember those — I haven’t made them in a long time!)

I didn’t have all of the ingredients, but I substituted a few things. And the the final result was delicious!

Sweet Kierstyn was trying to help me make scrambled eggs for breakfast… and accidentally pulled the carton off the counter. She just stood there in shock while we tried to keep a straight face and praise her for trying to take initiative and help!


Last Week’s $67 Kroger Shopping Trip