Lemon Perfect Cold-Pressed Lemon Water

Lemon Perfect Cold-Pressed Lemon WaterEach bottle of Lemon Perfect cold-pressed lemon water includes the juice of half a lemon grown at a certified organic farm in California, giving the drink unparalleled health benefits. Organic lemons have been proven to provide everything from immune defense and antioxidants to clearer skin and fresher breath. The process of creating this five-calorie, no sugar drink is a gentle cycle of cold-press drink and cold-filled bottles to maintain the hydrating benefits provided by the super fruit. With all the flavor of lemonade and health benefits beyond the typical glass of water, Lemon Perfect is a naturally perfect choice.

Just Lemon

The “plain” flavor of lemon water is just that – lemon water. While the name is underwhelming, it is a pretty solid drink whose familiar taste is easy to compare. It’s similar to lemonade, but it isn’t overly sweet. It’s refreshing like water, yet it has more substance. As an adult, I would find this a great alternative to a sugary drink on a hot day and a viable replacement to sports drinks.

Dragon Fruit Mango

The creativity that was lacking in “Just Lemon” must have all gone into this flavor. Dragon Fruit is underused in the world of fruits, but its name alone makes it too cool to ignore. The taste is not unfamiliar compared to most tropical fruits, but it’s relatively mild and not overpowering. Combine it with Mango, and the sweetness serves as an excellent counterbalance to the lemon.

Raspberry Peach Lemon

The perfect summer drink? It’s possible. Its taste is similar to what many flavored teas seem to aim for, but this is a healthier option because it has no added sugar. Consider all of the health benefits on top of the taste, and it’s easy to see why this is a great option to refresh and hydrate from the day’s work.

Blueberry Acai Lemon

Similar to the dragon fruit in terms of sweetness balancing out the sour, Blueberry Acai Lemon is the sweetest of the Lemon Perfect options. It’s still far more mellow than a typical sports drink or juice and contains more antioxidizing health benefits by adding the Acai berry.

Summary: Lemon Perfect is the newest, healthiest spin on sports drinks. These lemon waters are original enough to draw attention but have a familiar enough taste to retain a share of the market.

For more information visit Lemon Perfect’s website.

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Lemon Perfect Cold-Pressed Lemon Water