Lion or Lamb?

If today is any indication of how March will come in the lion is certainly roaring.

Cold, windy and we have over 6 inches of snow!!

So sitting by the fire I decided to create this packet for you!

This packet has:

Data Collection...Lion or Lamb

Let's Predict...Writing

Poem...Using text to recall

Weather Sort

Mini Book...Informational text

Graphic Organizer

Final Write pages

How will March come in?

Like a Lion or a Lamb...

This FREE resource will provide and opportunity for your class to do some comparing, contrasting and predicting.  So much fun!

The interactive Google slides begin with a look at what the "saying" means.

They will type about what they hope happens and why.

Slide Two:  Students will click and drag descriptive words for lion and lamb as well as look at how they relate to the weather.

Slide Three: A cute pom by Lori Hill

Students will click and drag pictures that go with winter and spring.

Slide Four:  Weather sort using vocabulary.

Making predictions.


Lion or Lamb?