Lisa seems to be really nice

 I watched a Youtube video of her arriving in South Korea, she must've been really tired but she kept greeting everyone there and also rolled her windows down on her way back. 

She also was always seen smiling in Fashion Show Celine Paris. Honestly, I had no interest in her but this makes me like her a lot. 


1. [+534][-11] I heard that her manager scammed her 1,7 Billion instead of 1 Billion KRW. However, she made an agreement so that he wouldn't get punished. It must've been hard for her to move to another country on her own at such a young age, it must've not been easy at all and she even got scammed. Yet she still refers South Korea as 'my country', she seems to love this country a lot! YG got themselves an angel, who's bright, cheerful, energetic, has a good attitude, down to earth, and earns them a lot of money. She's a really amazing person. She's the treasure of Kpop.

2. [+405][-7] You can already tell how amazing her personality is just from the fact she came to a settlement with her manager's case. 

3. [+325][-6] Lisa has always been that way

4. [+122][-1] She's so nice that I'm worried for her because of that... That kindness and purity of hers could be taken advantage of with bastards like her managerㅠㅠ

5. [+93][-2] Honestly, she did the normal thing to doㅋㅋ What's so difficult with posing for a little? In reality, there are a lot of abnormal people who don't even bother to do that 

6. [+86][-3] There's literally nothing to hate about Lisa. That's why those stupid people can only hate her for being South East Asianㅋㅋㅋ

Source: pannative

Lisa seems to be really nice