Looks Like Sonos Could Release a Budget Sub for Its New Cheap Soundbar

Sonos last week unveiled a new (welcome) addition to its family, the Ray, a cheap soundbar that doesn’t compromise all that much on sound quality.

At the time, we wrote that it was inevitable that Sonos would follow through with a budget offering. Its speakers have been lauded about for over a decade for their relative room-filling sound. We had an inkling the Sonos Ray soundbar was coming, thanks to leaks last month touting this thing as the entry-level device alongside Sonos’ $699 Beam 2 and the $1,499 Arc.

The Ray costs $399, nearly half the price of the Beam 2. But to get the most out of your soundbar, one would obviously want to add a subwoofer. But not at double (and more) the cost of the soundbar.

The only subwoofer Sonos currently sells is the $1,099 Sonos Sub Gen 3. Straight away you’re up for $1,500.

Back in December, rumours were mounting a new sub was on its way. Sonos may have accidentally tipped its hand on the details of an as-yet unannounced audio product, inadvertently mentioning a “smaller, cylindrical subwoofer” on a page in its app that was spotted by an eagle-eyed Reddit user.

Well, thanks to The Verge, we all but have confirmation that a more budget-friendly subwoofer – the Sub Mini – is coming.

According to The Verge, Sonos is coming closer to releasing a smaller, less costly subwoofer (that they say is called the Sub Mini) that will be able to wirelessly pair with the Sonos Ray, Beam and Arc.

After seeing the device, The Verge made a 3D render of it – head over to their article to see what this looks like. But the Sub Mini seems to have kept the rectangular cutout that the Sub has, just executed differently. The Sub Mini is more elongated and doesn’t represent the ‘O’ as much.

It appears there are still acoustic ports on both sides, just packing smaller and less powerful components.

We have no idea how much the Sonos Sub Mini will cost when it lands in Australia, but hopefully it follows Ray in coming in at around 60 per cent of the cost of the next model up (that would be ~$660). A soundbar and subwoofer for under $1,000 is a little more affordable.

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Looks Like Sonos Could Release a Budget Sub for Its New Cheap Soundbar