Losing My Holiday Mojo?

It is the day before Christmas Eve, and I am having a little pity party over here, the result of a small cascade of recent events. Prior to this week, as things began to come off the list of holiday do-ables due to the pandemic, I would search around for an equivalent replacement to keep myself feeling peppy, and managed to keep coming up with something in order to feel positive and forward facing. For example, though we would not have any festive indoor holiday restaurant celebrations with our local family as we normally do, we could instead haul out our warm coats and do it outdoors. But then restaurants went into takeout-only mode a couple of weeks ago, meaning all outdoor dining is now closed. Or, it's OK that we won't be going to any of the indoor holiday plays and concerts we normally do, we'll enjoy outdoor walking light tours instead. But then those got shuttered as well when restaurants were re-shut again this month. But that's still OK, because our remodel will be done, and we'll enjoy nesting back in to our now-even-prettier home. Sigh. Nope. The job is running over and the upcoming long holiday weekend will simply prolong the completion of the job.

And worst of all, we won't be seeing our granddaughters this holiday season other than via FaceTime.

So, yep, a bit of a pity party currently going on here with regard to Christmas, which I now simply want to be over so we can get this house finished up before New Year. Which, by the way, won't include a Rose Parade viewing from the comfort of our cozy family room as would normally occur. Sniff. Sniff.

So, it's clearly time to channel my inner Cher in Moonstruck and . . .  

LOL. So let me try again to focus on what is good, and what I am still able to look forward to.

  • We're going to spend Christmas Eve going on a bicycle ride along the coast, and we'll stop midway to enjoy egg salad sandwiches, our very favorite sack lunch. When we return home, we're going to spend the evening watching holiday movies, enjoying a butternut squash posole supper that will be slow cooking all day, plus warm homemade cookies and hot cocoa with peppermint schnapps for dessert.
  • On Christmas Day we will be going over to our oldest daughters, who lives directly across from Huntington Beach. We'll go for a walk along the beach, I'm bringing my guitar to play Christmas carols out on her balcony, and dinner should be lovely. I'm bringing over a pan of pumpkin/mushroom/bacon lasagna, and the boyfriend is contributing a warm spinach salad and bread, plus he's making something insane for dessert - mixed berry and lemon curd tarts with limoncello.
  • The rest of the weekend will be spent outdoors as much as possible, hiking and enjoying takeout lunches on both days.
  • And finally, Monday should be the beginning of the end of our remodel, meaning I can look forward to spending the New Year's holiday weekend cleaning and settling us back in to our downstairs bedroom. 

I saw this meme today and it made me laugh. I mean, seriously 2020 - don't let the door hit you on the way out!

How are you doing this holiday season?

Losing My Holiday Mojo?