“Love this kind of spirit” – Malay Aunty Insists On Sponsoring Poor Chinese Boy’s Studies

Recently, an underprivileged Chinese boy in Subang had lost his mother and had to endure financial difficulties while managing her funeral proceedings.

Despite his hardships, the boy still had the passion to learn and hoped that he could be enrolled into a University in Subang.

Uncle Kentang has since shared that he received multiple messages from a Malay lady (Madam S) who insisted that she wanted to pay for the boy’s education.

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He wrote, “We are never racist. A Malay lady pestered me to give her the details of a Chinese boy who recently lost his mother as she is adamant to sponsor his studies. She will fully fund his studies.”

In spite of all the challenges the boy has faced in life, he still scored amazingly during his exams.

This is truly awesome as the boy’s SPM results are excellent and he will easily get a place to be admitted in the University to pursue his dream.

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“Unfortunately, he has no financial ability and I received continuous messages from Madam S to allow her to sponsor the whole cost of his degree“, he added.

Her insistence may very well be exactly what Malaysians need, to give us all hope of what could be a more racially-harmonious future.

“My God, this is so awesome. Love this kind of spirit and we are truly great Malaysians.”

Thank you, Madam S, for your kindness!

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“Love this kind of spirit” – Malay Aunty Insists On Sponsoring Poor Chinese Boy’s Studies