Mulberry Rooster Bowl


In summer, the birds and I eat the mulberries from my neighbor’s tree.  We have a deal; the birds get the high ones and I get the low ones.  The other way around proved to be far too dangerous.

A couple years ago, one of their two mulberry trees, about thirty feet tall, came down.  Much of it became firewood, but a few pieces went under the knife.

When working this wood fresh, the bold yellow color really grabs your attention.  It’s related to Osage orange, but not as heavy and hard.  Still, it’s moderately hard and a bit tricky to carve.  I roughed this bowl out not long after the tree came down and returned to it just in recent weeks.


In the months since I had roughed it out, the surface had mellowed to a golden brown.  Fresh cuts revealed the brighter color beneath, and now the new surface of the finished bowl has already begun to develop a nice patina.


The vise comes in handy for carving the flutes, but much of the work is done away from the bench.


I’m often unsure how all of the elements and surfaces are going to come together, so I just take the next step that I determine has to be done for sure.  Then the next decision becomes more clear, and so on.  Eventually, I stumble upon a resolution and discover I’ve created what may be an Elvis-inspired rooster.


The dimensions are 17″ long, 5″ wide, and 6″ high.  There’s room enough for some preliminary adze work, but, especially considering the depth and undercutting,  most of the hollowing was done with gouges and a hook knife.


The fibers flow through this big mulberry crook down from the head and on up through the tips of the tail feathers.

This one is for sale.  $800 includes fully-insured shipping.  A little more for overseas, depending on your location.  Email at if you are interested.  Thanks.  Update: SOLD

Mulberry Rooster Bowl