Lucasfilm Employee Spotlight: Juli Logemann

The latest employee spotlight from Lucasfilm shines a light on a producer with the Lucasfilm Games team and a long-time lover of all things LucasArts. It’s producer Juli Logemann.

And considering your professional background, you worked at Lucasfilm’s former video game division, LucasArts, correct?

That’s right! I was a game tester on the quality-assurance (Q.A.) team for Star Wars Republic Commando [2005]. That was the first game I ever worked on. Back when I was 16-years-old, I told my best friend that I wanted to do two things: live in Los Angeles and work on a Star Wars game. And those two things didn’t have to be at the same time! I came to LucasArts in northern California during the last six months of development on the game, and then I got to see it launch. It was really special to start my games career on a Star Wars project. Later on in my career, I was able to get started working in production with some of the same developers I had worked with in Q.A. at LucasArts.

And you mentioned this dream of working on Star Wars games. Could you talk a little more about your love of Star Wars and your history with video games?

I’ve loved games since I was a kid. I had sisters who were significantly older than me, and they had an Atari that was put away in the closet because they were done playing with it. I would get that out when I was young. Arcades were also still a big thing, and I’d go to the mall with friends when I was 15 and 16 and play a lot of Tekken and other games. At home we’d play things like Star Wars: X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter. I’d be sitting around with friends and we’d talk about what we wanted to do for our careers, and because we were playing video games, I thought, somebody has to make these, right? Personal computers were really on the rise, and there was a lot of cool software, and you had consoles like the PlayStation coming out. I thought that might be a good direction to take, and I decided to ask people in the games industry about how to get started.

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Lucasfilm Employee Spotlight: Juli Logemann