Lucifer was the brightest kitteh earrings

 Just a fun, funky new summer earring kit. I had the kitteh trapped in the light bulb dingles in my possession for quite a while.The sweet, white kittehs seemed to innocent. But I know better: innocent looking cats are the most mischievous.

This is a kitteh who climbs up shelves to puke on books, furniture, rugs, pajamas, bedspreads and sheets all at once, with just one fur ball ejaculation. He pees on shopping bags and baby seats and chews on bead tubes. He only likes one kind of wet food and which one it is changes as soon as you bought a dozen cans on sale to appease the dark lord. He naps on keyboards and beading mats.This kitteh is a master of his evil craft. He is the brightest, bestest boi, the fallen angel and his name is Lucifer.
To make sure the sweet evil kittehs don't look like an afterthought on the earrings, I gave the design some serious thought. Earrings give one very little chance for less then flawless design as there is so little real estate to make mistakes on. Everything matters and elements need to be clean and crisp.

The Lucifers trapped in the bulb are surrounded by stars. He is the fallen one, after all. How do I convey shooting star like movement? I used beautiful white pearl cabochons as my starting point. After bezeling them, I built movement with mother of pearl beads that start out larger and become smaller, going down towards Lucifer, becoming the bright constellations in a dark sky that consists of black opaque drops. The shape of the earrings' bead embroidered portion is a semi circle which is repeated by the rounded bottom of the light bulbs. 

The edges of the bead embroidery are decked out in now extinct Swarovski crystals in 3 and 4mm sand opal AB2X and crystal AB2X. Let's just take a moment to say FUCK SWAROVSKI and the steed upon which they didst arrive. 

The earring findings are sterling silver with cubic zirconia. The way they are designed, there are CZs in the back of the earring too, but those point forward too making the whole contraption shine like there is no tomorrow.

The seed beads are the finest money can buy and the backing is distressed blue metallic Italian lambskin. As usual, no expenses are spared for the finest materials. Except for Lucifer. He is the finest, chintziest Chinese metal dingle dangle any 6 year old would swoon over.Cute as a button.

The earrings measure 67mm from the part that goes through your ear to the tip of Lucifer's bulb. That is almost 2 and 3/4 of an inch, sans 1/16th of an inch. Please remind me why we are measuring things this way in the US. 


This is what it looks like on my head. I have a big head and a pretty average length neck. I wish I had a more swanlike neck, but I don't think it's going to happen. Anyhow, it's a lightweight, not too long necklace that fits really nice, does not twist and turn and is entirely wearable for the last of this summer's edison light lit garden parties. 

I will have a very limited number of kits available on Etsy at 10:00 am on Monday 8/23/2021.  If they sell out and all the dark-souled kitteh enthusiasts revolt for their own Lucifers; I will order more materials as an offering on the alter of thy bad cap worship.

Lucifer was the brightest kitteh earrings