Target Christmas Clearance 2019

This year we are creating a Target Christmas clearance resource that I think you all are going to love!! This page will be one you can reference while you are out Christmas clearance shopping because we will be including as many pictures (and DPCI numbers) as we possibly can.  We will start by adding photos and then adding as many DPCI numbers as we can. We thought you all would appreciate having all the clearance photos in one place instead of spread over several different posts. 

If you are not familiar with how the Target Christmas clearance works, make sure you check out his post for the 2019 Target Christmas clearance.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Clearance prices can vary from store to store, so I would used the scanners to double check the prices at your stores.
  • Some of the items pictured may come in different colors, so keep that in mind while you are out shopping.
  • Some items may end up back in their respective departments (examples: baking sheets in kitchen, lip balm in cosmetics, etc)
  • The majority of the items on this page aren’t overly Christmas themed (We didn’t think we needed to include photos of items that you can tell are Christmas themed)

We won’t know exactly what is included in the clearance until December 26th, so we will do a lot of updating of the post on that day and the days to follow. 

Hearth & Hand

Home Decor


Frames & Prints

Throw Pillows

Disney Eats

Frozen II

More Than Magic



Plastic & Paper Goods

Beauty & Personal Care

Lip Balm


Source: allthingstarget

Target Christmas Clearance 2019