Fox News Ratings Fall Below CNN And MSNBC For First Time In Two Decades

Fox News Ratings Fall Below CNN And MSNBC For First Time In Two DecadesPA Images/ Fox News

The storming of the Capitol attracted the attention of US audiences as many watched the event unfold. As a result, the balance of US television networks has seen a significant shift. 

For the first time since 2000, both CNN and MSNBC had greater ratings than Fox News, according to data collected by Nielsen.

Generally, the number of views on each channel increased during the riots at the Capitol and in the following days when the aftermath was fully realised. The three broadcasters were the most-watched, and the data that has been collected about the viewing habits of Americans during the widely condemned event is eye-opening.

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On the day that the Capitol was terrorised, January 6, CNN averaged 5.941 million viewers and MSNBC averaged 4.543 million. Behind the two stations was Fox News with 3.464 million views in total, The Daily Beast reports. This trend continued in the following days.

On Thursday, CNN continued to dominate views with an average of 3.854 million viewers. MSNBC closed the gap from the previous day with  3.321 million views, while Fox became further adrift with 1.935 million. Fox managed to close the gap on the next day, although it was still uncharacteristically behind the other two networks, as figures dropped for all channels.

Despite falling behind its competitors, Fox has been outwardly pleased with the viewing figures, which it claims are the highest since Senate hearings to confirm Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh in 2018.

Fox News

Fox News was the most-watched network in the history of cable news over the last decade, but it seems that its viewers may be tempted to use different providers in the wake of recent events.

This could be for a multitude of reasons, one may be Trump actively encouraging his followers to watch alternatives such as One America News and Newsmax. Given the political affiliations of the network, this may mean that Fox has lost viewers that would typically watch this kind of breaking news.

It is unlikely that Fox News will begin worrying about attracting its audience, given its significant presence as a news outlet. Also, with the presidency being passed over in the coming weeks, many viewers who agree with the tone of the network will likely return. However, the viewing figures from last week suggest that the US may look to other channels when a serious event is unfolding in the country.

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Fox News Ratings Fall Below CNN And MSNBC For First Time In Two Decades