Czech Ginko Two-Hole Scale Bracelet Tutorial


New from the 2019 Tucson show are these lovely Czech Ginko beads from BeadSmith. Check out today’s free tutorial using Ginko beads.


GoodyBeads | Blog Czech Ginko Two Hole Beads with Free Bracelet tutorial

Czech Ginko beads are a two-hole bead in the shape of Ginkgo leaves.


Scale Bracelet

GoodyBeads | Blog - Czech Ginko Scale Bracelet with Free Tutorial

This bracelet tutorial was inspired by Nela Kábelová ( We used her pattern and tweaked it slightly to add 4mm Swarovski® bicone crystals instead of 4mm round beads. And used 8/0 Miyuki seed beads in place of the seed beads she used. Don’t they look like fish scales? Dragon scales? Mermaid scales? They are a beautiful shape with lots of option for bead stitching.


What you’ll need for this bracelet:


GoodyBeads | Blog - Ginko Scale Bracaelet clasp ends - FREE tutorial

Items used in bracelet above: SB03708, SB00117, SW02072 (36), A008804, A019945, A006587, A015211


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Czech Ginko Two-Hole Scale Bracelet Tutorial