How to Leverage Chat for Better Customer Adoption Rates

A solid user adoption strategy is the foundation of all customer success efforts. It unlocks higher retention, customer lifetime value, marketing ROI, and low cost-per-acquisition, to name a few benefits.

Getting it right, however, isn’t smooth sailing.

Whether you’re a company rolling out a new system or a SaaS vendor introducing a software or app interface, you have to clear multiple hurdles to successfully acclimate users to the new product. Some of these challenges emanate from the intrinsic human instinct to resist change, lack of proper support system, and the fear of the unknown.

In this article, instead of focusing on the barriers to adoption, we’ll talk about how SnapEngage, our digital conversation platform, can help you circumvent some of the roadblocks.


What is user adoption?

User adoption, also known as
user onboarding, is the process whereby users (a company or individual user) adopt a new product or service and commit to using it.

If a company has a high user adoption rate, it’s a sign that more users are adopting the product than are churning. On the other hand, low adoption rates indicate that users are using a product or service short-term before jumping ship.

Companies selling software, services, or complex products need to maintain a high adoption rate to consistently grow their monthly recurring revenue (MRR). It’s not surprising, then, that 70% of these companies view improving user adoption as the top priority. And 26% of brands are striving to create ultra self-service adoption models.

If you belong to this cohort, you can use SnapEngage to create high-tech models that drive user adoption more effectively.


How can SnapEngage help drive user adoption


Boost customer adoption rates


One of the biggest barriers to effective adoption is users getting stuck and failing to find help at the most opportune time. Chances are as a company you’ll anticipate user complaints, doubts, and questions, and create the highest-quality resolutions you possibly can. It helps to prepare beforehand, onboarding videos, how-to guides, articles, and FAQs— all providing technical set-up and user instructions.

Now, having a mixed variety of content is great. But what happens when a user needs instant answers while in the middle of using the new system? Do you expect them to scroll through hundreds of articles on your knowledgebase or help site to find relevant material? Probably not.

This is where SnapEngage Answer Bot comes in handy. Our intelligent and flexible chatbot helps provide users with support in context. It offers a conversational way to respond to the most pressing and commonly-asked questions.

When connected to your knowledgebase, the Answer Bot ensures that users are getting contextual, automated answers instantly. It also takes onboarding a notch higher. For example, if the question is complex or there are no answers available, it automatically connects the user to technical support or a customer success agent.


Better customer learning/experience with product or service


The other causes of low user adoption rates are loss of support system and fear of the unknown. These two factors come into play when you require users to ditch an old system (which means leaving behind predictable routines) and use new software or apps.

Take, for example, an enterprise that wants to replace its remote team communication channel. By switching to a new system, the organization drives employees out of their comfort zone and points them in an unfamiliar direction. Employees will be required to start fresh and learn how to send messages/files, set status, add emojis, and form group chats on the new system.

To increase user adoption, the organization should make learning the new system as seamless as possible for the user. Beyond providing great content, the organization should also endeavor to deliver the right message, at the right time, in the right place. Our 24/7, scalable chat applications can help in this regard.

Let’s say a user signed up for remote communication software. They’re yearning for a fast start but have no idea how to navigate the system. Our intelligent, multi-node Guide Bot can be configured to pop-up at the right time to offer help in the form of a link to a how-to article or a short orientation video.

You can also create a proactive trigger for a proactive chat. A trigger could be something like a user spending 30 seconds on the product setup page without taking action. The chat can be assigned to the Guide Bot to suggest relevant how-to guides or route the user to a human agent in case of complex issues.


Layer SnapEngage with existing customer adoption program

Driving user adoption takes a combination of a well-thought-out end-user adoption strategy and innovative tech solution. If you have the plan, then, all you need now is to fail-proof it with our intelligent live chat applications and chatbots.

Whether or not you’re a user adoption specialist, fret not. It’s easy to layer our technology with your strategies and keep rates at the apex of the user adoption curve. We even give you a free trial to help you get a first-hand feel for SnapEngage features and functionalities without spending a dime.

Ready to get started? Click on the link below to schedule a live demo with a member of our team.

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How to Leverage Chat for Better Customer Adoption Rates