Samsung’s 600MP camera uses a 1/0.57-inch sensor

Samsung announced earlier this year that it’s planning on developing 600MP cameras; a tipster has now revealed that the information is real and the project is still in progress.

A 600MP camera in a smartphone will mean a huge camera bump

Based on the information given by the tipster Ice Universe, Samsung will be using a bigger sensor at 1/0.57-inch, but it will protrude about 22mm — not something we’re looking forward to. Perhaps Samsung will somehow come up with a solution for that. 

It’s also superior to the human eye

Samsung's 600MP camera uses a 1/0.57-inch sensor 2Based on the image given, Samsung also revealed the motivation behind the 600MP lens — 4K/8K videos are now trending hence the need for higher resolutions. However, having high resolution cameras isn’t the only thing that matters; Samsung also has to improve its image processing to produce greater photos and videos. 

It may not be a necessity, but a 600MP camera is definitely worth checking out. After all, it’s more than what the human eye can perceive.


Samsung’s 600MP camera uses a 1/0.57-inch sensor