Christopher Tolkien and Other Farewells

Christopher Tolkien

Photo by Charles E. Noad

For a number of years I used to think what would happen once the son and literary heir of J.R.R Tolkien would be with us no more. I questioned what would that mean to the Tolkien community, whether the experience of reading the books would change, and what would it mean for future scholarly work and publications.

Truth be told, none of these thoughts passed through my mind on January 16, 2020 when the news first broke that Christopher Tolkien had passed away. What DID come to mind was a sense of sadness, but acceptance — acceptance of the fact that Time is what it is and that we must move on with our lives nevertheless.

Christopher Tolkien leaves behind him a legacy of unsurpassed scholarly work (dare I say, in some aspects, more so that his father’s) and his passion for the works we love so much lives on in the thousands of pages filled with his extraordinary sharp analyses and inspiring, crystal-clear reasonings.


Besides this sad news, this post is also about another farewell. My own.

After six and a half years, I have decided to take a long-expected hiatus to focus on other projects. It has been a remarkable journey since the beginning, and I have loved every second of writing each post and reading everyone’s comments and input.

I will not say this is the end of this blog. It will remain a fond memory that may yet see the light of day once more, but until then I only wish to say one thing:

Thank you. Thank you for your continuous support, readership and friendship. It has been a adventure truly worth taking.


Christopher Tolkien and Other Farewells