Classroom Decor {with a purpose}

Label and Learn: Science Classroom Decor with a purpose
Label and Learn: Science classroom decor with a purpose

I was thinking about how I labeled things during the year to help reinforce science content. With social media’s heavy focus lately on classroom aesthetics, I wanted to share how you can easily add purposeful “decor” with Label & Learn.⠀

Label for Back to School or during the year when you reach new concepts or your class is inspired with a new idea.

I wouldn’t label EVERYTHING because that’s just too much. A few items, though, can reinforce vocabulary and content!⠀

What items in your classroom can you label with scientific concepts? Here are 10 ideas to get started. ⠀

1. Open and closed circuits: light switches ⠀
2. Magnetism: items that are magnetic and what they are made of⠀
3. Transfer of energy: lamp, pencil sharpener, TV⠀
4. Photosynthesis: classroom plant⠀
5. Natural resources: whether items are natural or human-made⠀
6. Uses of energy: the form of energy used to accomplish an object’s purpose⠀
7. Light: mirror reflects light, projector refracts light, window transmits light, or transparent, translucent, and opaque items⠀
8. Inherited traits and learned behaviors: classroom pet’s habitat⠀
9. Electrical conductivity: *carefully* labeling the insulating wire⠀
10. Mixtures: containers of items that are mixtures and how they might be separated

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Classroom Decor {with a purpose}