Hypnosis Training Video #561: Part 2: You CAN Do Hypnosis Online! 20 HUGE Benefits for Your Clients :)

Yes, You Can Do Great Hypnosis Sessions Online

Cal and Penny Let You in On How It is Done

This is Part 2 of This Series It Reveals 20 Huge Benefits That Your Clients Can Enjoy by Receiving Hypnosis Online

Cal Banyan in Podcast #561 - You CAN Do Hypnosis Online! Tips, Tricks and Insights - Part 2

Hello Hypnotists and Hypnotherapists as well as Soon-to-Be Hypnotists!

Hypnotist Penny Chiasson in Podcast #560 Welcome, I’m back with Penny Chiasson again in our “Hunkered Down” series! This is the second part in the series about how you can start doing hypnosis sessions online!

ATTENTION —by “hunkered down” I mean we are not producing this recording in the usual way. I’m in my home office and I’m connected with Penny through the Zoom videoconferencing platform. There is some echoing (not our usual high quality audio) but the information is stellar! In the subsequent videos in this series, the audio gets better.

“Don’t let the BUG Win!” Don’t let the COVID-19 Pandemic shut you down! This series will help you to keep your hypnosis practice up and running. That way you can continue to grow and the skills you learn will be invaluable long after this current situation has passed.

Yes, you CAN do hypnosis online professionally and ethically! Cal Banyan has tons of experience both educating hypnotists and working with clients online. As a matter of fact he was put in the lead position and became the main writer for the National Guild of Hypnotists Standards for Conducting Hypnosis Sessions Online and the NGH Standards for Conducting Certifiation Training Online. You can see those standards on the National Guild of Hypnotists website on this page, www.NGH.net/ngh-download-center.

In this video, we let you in on the client centered benefits of doing sessions online. It is important that when you hold your services out to the public that you let them know about the many benefits of seeking hypnosis sessions by a hypnosis professional who is certified to conduct hypnosis sessions online.

  • Saves Your clients time and money
  • Sessions may be more private
  • More comfortable to have sessions online
  • More accessible for some when sessions are online
  • Hypnosis may actually be more effective online
  • Clients who travel for work can still have sessions
  • Can have sessions with a hypnotist in another state or country
  • And many more important benefits (at least 20 in all)!


Grow your hypnosis practice by pointing out these important benefits to your potential clients!

In the next video we will talk about the benefits for you, the hypnosis professional.

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Get certified to conduct hypnosis sessions online through the 5-PATH® IAHP organization by Cal Banyan, the person who wrote the standards of practice for doing safe, effective, ethical and professional sessions online.

Only 20 per class. Class is approximately 7 hours. Half hour break for lunch.

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  • May 7 (Thursday), 2020
  • May 15 (Friday), 2020


Mentioned in this call:


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Graduation Photos from Last Two Class
Graduation Photo from Last Two Class
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NOTE: Penny Chiasson, Erika Flint and Cal Banyan are all approved to conduct the NGH and 5-PATH® IAHP Approved Banyan Certification Super Course online in both the 10-Day course schedule and the new 7-Day (plus 25 hours of self-study) course schedule.


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Yes You Can Get Hypnosis Live Sessions with Cal Online

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If you have a highspeed Internet Connection you can have hypnosis sessions with Cal no matter where you are in the world.

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Banyan Hypnosis Center Celebrating 20 Years

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Real Feedback from Real Graduates!

Recent Graduating Classes from Hypnosis Training Courses
Three Recent Graduating Classes

Pen Writing Logo for Testimonials 1 Thank you, Cal, for not holding anything back and for making this experience so special, informative and entertaining at the same time. Daniel Schwarz, Stuttgart, Germany

Pen Writing Logo for Testimonials 2 It was a very busy, very informative, very advanced course. The system is amazing. The instructor is a REAL teacher! Thanks a lot!! Alexey Ananishnov, St. Petersburg, Russia

Pen Writing Logo for Testimonials 3 I cannot think of a better instructor for my hypnosis training. I feel blessed and proud to be part of it as my life keeps transforming and unfolding. Thank you, Cal! Karen Noack, Cordoba, Argentina

Pen Writing Logo for Testimonials 4 Amazing instructor, great learning and lots of practice sessions. This is an experience not to be missed. Shanti Chainani, CH, Singapore

Pen Writing Logo for Testimonials 5 Anyone who completes this training will be ready to work as a hypnotist. Brilliant! Tracy Wade, Owens Crossroads, Alabama

Pen Writing Logo for Testimonials 6 I looked into several hypnosis training programs, and I can’t imagine anything coming close to Cal Banyan. Get this training! Ken Dickinson, Denton, Texas

Pen Writing Logo for Testimonials 7 I personally would rate Cal as the No. 1 training venue for Hypnosis, best training event I have had ever, and fun, enlightening and life changing, and exceptional value for money. Jason Carter, Ph. D., LLM, Milton Keynes, U.K.

Pen Writing Logo for Testimonials 8 The Banyan Hypnosis Certification Super Course is a phenomenal course. It was extremely well presented by Cal Banyan. It is one of the most significant courses I have undertaken to date. I highly recommend it. Warwick D. Phipps, Ph.D., Midrand, South Africa

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Banyan Hypnosis Center Celebrating 20 Years

Thank You for OVER 20 Years of Hypnosis Services and Training

This year marks our 23rd Anniversary of being full time in this wonderful profession. During that time, my wife, Maureen and I have had the privilege to work with so many wonderful people including clients, students, graduates around the world and other hypnosis professionals.


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Hypnosis Training Video #561: Part 2: You CAN Do Hypnosis Online! 20 HUGE Benefits for Your Clients :)