Make the Muslin

You’re an elegant woman and you walk beautifully” said the Frenchman at the Savannah Highway Harris Teeter on September 1 at 3:15 pm. I was wearing a mask, flip flops and  this dress. After I gathered my wits I thanked him for his flattering comment and told him he made my day. Then I texted my husband and suggested he may wish to talk this way to me. 😉

In retrospect I believe the lovely Frenchman was admiring the fit of my dress, because a perfectly fitting garment accentuates your attributes and downplays your flaws. It’s comfortable and moves with you when you walk.

On those rare occasions when I receive compliments such as this I’m always wearing a sheath that I’ve made.

Perhaps this compliment was the catalyst, but I haven’t made a sheath all year and it’s time for a new one!

I’m excited about sewing a new pattern and chose Kwik Sew 4261.


I especially love the silhouette and the fitting opportunities this pattern provides,

but to get the fit I wanted,  I needed to make a full muslin minus the facings since it will be lined.

Keeping me company through the muslin process was CHANEL Haute Couture from A to Z!, a fascinating one-hour documentary which chronicles the process of creating the current Chanel Haute Couture collection. The muslins are worked to perfection and are beautiful enough to wear to dinner. It’s a must watch!

I chose the size that fit my pandemic waistline and worked from there. The bust, back, and shoulders were all too large and needed adjusting.

Shortening the back bodice pieces was a simple fix as was the shoulders!

No matter the size, Princess bust seams always run large on me, and this alteration is usually the most time consuming.

The bodice side seams were adjusted, and I tweaked the hips slightly.

I know, this is no Chanel muslin, but I’m sewing the dress pattern with confidence now. The only thing that could be more helpful is fitting this pattern on a body double – a class I vow to take with Mary Funt from Cloning Couture!

My goal – to make my simple sheath dress fit as well as this simple sheath dress

or this one  – no short cuts allowed!

Until soon 🙂


Make the Muslin