Making Milestones: Minifigures Join The Database

The diminutive minifigure – also known as the minifig – is a ubiquitous plastic anthropomorphic caricature of the human body that measures around 1-1/2 inches/4 cm (or four bricks) tall and sets the scale for the popular System subtheme of LEGO sets. Conceived in 1975, the first minifigure was a simple yellow-skinned mannequin compared to the current phase in its evolution which arrived in 1978. No LEGO database would be complete without their inclusion.

On that note, The Holo-Brick Archives proudly presents the newest section of the database – Minifigures! With over 1,100 unique figures released to date, their importance to LEGO Star Wars collecting can’t be overstated.

Each minifigure has a detailed entry that lists the name, description, year of release, unique ID, and the sets or accessories in which it can be found. Tying in with the last update, this details page also lists the parts inventory for each figure.

With this release also comes a new feature for the sets database. Each minifigure-containing set has now been linked with its figures. Just tap on the Minifigures button to see a rundown of which ones are included. By closing the loop between sets and minifigures, this should make cataloging your collection or identifying needed pieces much easier!

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Making Milestones: Minifigures Join The Database