Man, 54, allegedly pulls down mask, asks SDA to catch him & flees with woman, 25

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A Safe Distancing Ambassador (SDA) at work along Crawford Lane was approached by a 54-year-old man, who allegedly taunted her by pulling down his mask and asking her to catch him.

A 25-year-old woman then approached the SDA, allegedly pushed her on her shoulder, and stepped on her foot. The man and the woman then fled the scene.

The SDA then reported the matter to the police, who established the identity of the man and the woman.

The police said that the duo are now assisting with investigations for using criminal force, voluntarily causing hurt, and for flouting safe distancing measures, and that investigations are ongoing.

This incident, which took place on May 26, 2021, was among three incidents where SDAs and enforcement officers encountered alleged abusive behaviour, and non-compliance with safe distancing measures, the police said in a statement on Jun. 11.

Void deck dispute along Yishun Street 11

In a separate incident on May 27, the police said that officers attended to a dispute at a void deck along Yishun Street 11.

The officers saw a group of men who had allegedly gathered with beer cans strewn across a nearby table.

As police officers were interviewing the group, a 39-year-old man from the group suddenly wanted to leave.

Police officers asked for the man to remain, but he allegedly became rowdy and used vulgarities against the officers, and purportedly punched another man from the group when the other man tried to calm him down.

He was arrested for using abusive language against a public servant and for causing annoyance whilst drunk, and is being investigated for breach of safe distancing measures along with the others in the group.

Man advised not to sit in food centre, uses abusive language

The third incident involved a Safe Distancing Enforcement Officer (SDEO) at a food centre along Redhill Lane on Jun. 10, who called for police assistance after a man allegedly used abusive language.

Police said that preliminary investigations revealed that the man was advised by the SDEO not to sit at the table in the food centre to consume his food and drinks.

When police officers repeated this advice to the man, he purportedly refused to comply and continued to use abusive language towards the SDEO.

He will be charged in court on June 11 for using abusive language against a public servant.

Police take "a serious view" of abusive behaviour

"The police take a serious view of abusive behaviour against police officers, SDAs and SDEOs; as well as irresponsible behaviour relating to flouting safe distancing measures," the authorities said in the statement.

It added that offenders will be dealt with in accordance with the law, and that members of the public are advised to take the prevailing safe distancing measures seriously.

Top image by Syahindah Ishak and Lean Jinghui


Man, 54, allegedly pulls down mask, asks SDA to catch him & flees with woman, 25