Man spent his i-Sinar funds on 11 speed bumps

Nor Muhamad Roslam Harun, a 40-year-old man from Terengganu used his i-Sinar funds to illegal instal 11 asphalt speed bumps on the street next to his house. However, he has since apologised for his action.

Nor Muhamad Roslam, who stays in Kampung Padang Luas, Jertih, says that he installed the speed bumps because he was often disturbed by the noise of vehicles using the street. He also said that “the noises from cars and motorcycles” had been disrupting his sleep.

A total of RM1,080 of his Employee Provident Fund (EPF) i-Sinar money was spent to install the speed bumps. He built a total of 11 speed bumps for a distance of less than 40 metres—creating an unnecessary hassle for other residents to get to the main road.

“Actually, I wanted to make speed humps, but the asphalt hardened so quickly before they could be flattened, causing them to become bumps and made the road inaccessible to all cars except four-wheel drives,” he added.

The case went viral on social media after a picture of his new speed bumps was shared. According to Nor Muhamad Roslam, police officers even came by to ask him to remove the bumps.

“So, I hired a bulldozer operator to remove all the speed bumps on the street including the two original ones,” he explained.

Source: Bernama

On 13 January, he posted pictures of the new road—complete with bumps removed—on his Facebook page. However, he pleaded motorists to “slow down” and “respect people in housing areas”.

Since then, he recently posted a Live video on his Facebook page of him apologising. He also shared his internal and mental issues while showing viewers around his newly fixed road.

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Man spent his i-Sinar funds on 11 speed bumps