March Themed Math and Literacy Activities!


I originally created this for a "thank you" to all of you.
48 pages of math and literacy activities for just $2
With the bundle I have added similar activities as interactive slide.
Perfect for the computer or math and literacy centers!!
Both are filled with activities using March themes.

The 18 math games include:
addition to 12/20
subtraction to 12/20
greater than/less than
number words

missing addends

The 12 literacy activities include:
parts of speech
making words
types of sentences


word search

The writing activities include:
graphic organizers

writing sentences
writing a paragraph

They are ideal for centers.

They are ideal for "I'm done now what?"

They are ideal for practice and review.

Let's take a peek!


Slide One:  count and write number word and number

Slide Two:  Riddles...who am I

Slide Three:  Riddles...who am I

Slide Four:  Odd/Even Sort...number words

Slide Five:  Sum or Difference

Slide Six:  Coin Sequence


Slide One:  Correcting sentences

Slide Two:  Parts of Speech Sort

Slide Three:  ABC Order

Slide Four:  Syllables

Slide Five:  Read the sentence and match the picture

Slide Six:  Making Words

Slide Seven:  Antonym and Synonym Sort

Slide Eight:  How to Plant a Seed

Slide Nine:  Sensory Writing

March Themed Math and Literacy Activities!