Mariners All-Access on ROOT SPORTS: June 16, 2019

On the next edition of Mariners All-Access from ROOT SPORTS, a special Father’s Day edition.

  • Dee Gordon on growing up in baseball — Gordon’s dad, Tom, had a two decade career as a Major League pitcher, playing for eight teams and making three trips to the All-Star Game. Dee talks about what it was like to have a Big Leaguer as a dad.
  • Tom “Flash” Gordon on Dee Gordon — We turn the tables and get dad’s perspective on watching his son become a Major League player, and get Dee’s perspective on his favorite teammate of his dad’s.
  • Marco Gonzales on driving with dad — For Marco Gonzales going to work with dad as a kid meant a trip to the ballpark. Marco describes what it was like growing up around the game with his scout father and why it’s special to see his teammates bring their kids to the ballpark.
  • Félix and Jeremy — Hear from The King and his son Jeremy on Jeremy’s budding baseball career and his dreams of becoming a big leaguer just like his dad.
  • Who taught you to throw — For most of the Mariners it was their dad who taught them to throw a baseball, instilling a love of the game. Hear those stories.
  • Embarrassed by dad as a kid — Dads are great. We love dad. But sometimes he embarrasses the heck out of you. Hear memories from the Mariners about those moments.
  • Bad Dad Jokes — A dad’s sense of humor can be unique. The Mariners try their hand at comedy with some bad “dad jokes.”
  • Hunter Strickland Pitching mechanics — Hunter Strickland learned to throw a baseball from his dad who was a pitcher in the Detroit Tigers organization. Watch as he describes his pitching mechanics.

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Mariners All-Access on ROOT SPORTS: June 16, 2019