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Welcome back for this week’s edition of Dollar Bin Digging where I spotlight a few books to keep an eye out for to snag on the cheap.

***Apologies, I forgot to post this on Friday***

This week, I look at some more fun speculation related to the recent news outta SDCC, leaks, rumors, theories, and announcements. Topics ranging from Midnight Suns to Captain Phasma to The Haunted Mansion. Just some more fun books to hunt for cheap based some rumors for upcoming MCU & DC projects and comics and some indies too.

Check out the video if you want to see some more books that I talked about this week that are not presented below:

As I always say, Comics should be fun; and I want to provide content that keeps this hobby the good time that it should be. Anyway, if you follow my IG, then you may have seen some of these pick-ups before as I typically share my pick-ups there when they happen. Check it out if you like seeing more books than I cover here. So, without further ado, let’s see what you should be looking out for in those bins…


First Up:


Ghost Rider #31

Everyone gravitates towards #28 as the 1st Midnight Sons, but in reality they don’t actually form up as a team until this one so, keep an eye out for both while digging.

Granted the new title and video game will feature a brand new team, but just like the Thunderbolts, everyone just wants the 1st so bad they’ll take what makes the most sense. So I guess these books would be it.




Next Up:


Sandman #5

Granted you probably won’t find the 1st print of this book in a dollar bin, but there’s a shot you may find the Vertigo Essentials Reprint. This is the 1st Merv Pumpkinhead.

I haven’t had a chance to watch the show yet, but I am looking forward to it along with Mark Hamill as Merv. This is really just a 1 panel cameo, but it is what it is. This is the book folks want so why not keep a look out for the reprint as it does pretty well on the after market.





Next Up:


Poe Dameron #2

Captain Phasma really didn’t have the lasting film presence we all might have expected, but there may be hope for the character yet. Who knows, maybe they even get a Disney Plus show for her.

She had a decent novel from what I hear so there is more to the character than the tiny bit we saw on the big screen. Plus a comic book mini as well. Plenty more to explore if the decide to give the actress more to do next time.





Last One:


Haunted Mansion #1-7

Did you know that Slave Labor Graphics did a Haunted Mansion comic almost a decade before the Marvel version? Well they did and these covers are creepy AF.

And they all do pretty well with collectors so if you find any for cheap, you should probably scoop them up.

Don’t leave behind the Marvel series either as they do ok as well.






I personally don’t take issue with more diversity and representation in comics. I think it’s a good thing. And I’m not trying to start a debate, nor sway anyone else’s opinion. Maybe I just don’t see a characters sexuality being that big a factor in who the character is. I mean we are talking about imaginary “super-heroes” after all. But whatever. Perhaps this brings more eyes to Connor Hawke and renewed interest in his 1st appearance in GA#0.




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Marvel & DC News, 1st Appearances, & Speculation | Cheap Comics | DBD 204