Marvel Legends Venom Wave 2 (Venompool BAF)

 I hadn't purchased the initial Monster Venom BAF wave from 2018, nor planned on picking up this second Marvel Legends Venom wave, but the Venompool BAF was so good that I couldn't resist. Check out the video:

Below, Venompool with my 2016 X-Men Wave Deadpool!
See the video above more more comparison photos with other figures!

The Venomized concept is a good one, appealing to kids and adults who read comics from the '80s and '90s when this character, and the spinoff character Carnage, came onto the scene. There are some cool figures in this wave, notably the Carnage figure, an upgrade from the 2018 release with more detailed sculpt. The Venomized Captain America was a Walmart exclusive that I had to hunt down after buying the other figures in this wave, sub-branded under the Maximum Venom logo as the Miles Morales and Ghost-Spider figures are. My favorite, however, is the 2018 cinematic Venom; while I prefer venom with his spider chest insignia, I love the proportions of this tall figure, and the interchangeable heads look fantastic. I'm unsure if the creepy toes are screen-accurate, but I like them! 

 There have been questions regarding the need for some of these figures, but I did like them- their articulation was good, and they make a great group. The outstanding Venompool BAF is why you showed  up, but there's some other fun stuff here. Reccomended!


Marvel Legends Venom Wave 2 (Venompool BAF)