MCU Moon Knight Writers made a Comic

I know some people really love Moon Knight and others don’t. I like it but this isn’t about the show. The writers of Moon Knight, Justin Benson & Aaron Moorhead. give us a great story in Skybound’s upcoming Anthology series Afterschool.

Cover Artist: Veronica Fish

Image/Skybound announced Skybound Presents Afterschool, a new miniseries debuting in June that takes the familiar cautionary tales we’ve all learned in our youths and flips them on their (severed) heads. Morals have eroded. Your kids are out of control. Skybound’s new teen horror anthology is going to teach them a lesson. It’s what they deserve, those pesky kids!

Final Order Cut Off May 16th

Releases June 8th

I was lucky enough to read a pre-release copy of this book. I love everything about this book. Greg Hinkle’s art with Giovanna Niro’s colors really made this book a must-grab. It’s nice to get a unique story that connects the beginning panels to the climatic end of the issue. I can’t wait to see what the next issue’s story is.

Wrap Up

I wish I had images to show you, but I couldn’t find any released for press (sort of cool to think of myself as press) Here is a link to some Greg Hinkle images. His latest book has a similar feel and really works with the story.

If you follow my columns you know I enjoy reading indie comics and this book does not disappoint. Is their spec value, probably not, but Good stories deserve to be read and created so support good stories and buy a copy. I know I will.

MCU Moon Knight Writers made a Comic