Melting Basket 143: First Fall Basket of the Year

Wax from the last basket I would happily buy and melt again: Handmade in Florida  Lavender Ice, CFTKR FPS, Strawberry Cotton Candy Sugar Cookie, Grapefruit and Mint, Tonka and Vetiver and Silver Birch and Vetiver.

The Bathing Garden Cardamom Apple Pie
The Bathing Garden Fantasy Punch
Beezy Country Bumpkin
Beezy Apple Clove Butter
Ten Digit Creations Witches Brew/Patchouli/Cabin in the Smokies
CFTKR Apple N Spice
CFTKR Noels of Autumn
CFTKR Country Gift Shop
CFTKR Nights of Autumn

I did end up melting a few of these prematurely waiting on the hurricane and all. Savanna got so excited to smell apple cinnamon in the house. Country Gift Shop is amazingly strong and wonderful as well as Cardamom Apple Pie. I am looking forward to melting the TDC loaf and the Nights of Autumn. I recently placed a tidy TDC order. There I go ordering wax again. <3

The hurricane passed us by a thin margin and I am ever so thankful about that. Dorian was a beast and many only a couple hundred miles from me are devastated with destruction. Today Orange County schools are back up and running so the girls and I head back to our works. I wish I could say the days off were a relaxing holiday extended weekend but that under current of anxiety that runs through the hurricane wait is always intense.

I did get a lot of reading done. I tried to go outside as often as I could since the heat wasn't blazing and the sky often overcast.

It was a weekend of books for sure though. Friday my friend Tricia and I attended a romance authors social and I got to listen to Solani Dev talk about why she writes. It was very inspiring. We met about half a dozen authors and left with a few autographed books. I also applied for my Orange County Library System card. 

Saturday Savanna, Scarlette and I checked out The Book Rack which is a used book store in Ocoee. It was packed to the gills with books and Savanna left with about a dozen Dean Koontz and a few Michael Crichton. I made Scarlette pick one out. I left with about four. Some were a quarter and one was to fulfill the reading prompt about having the same initials. 

Yesterday I got a nice fat delivery from the Book Outlet and Thrift Books. I also pre-ordered the new Maggie Stiefvater that is releasing in November. In between all that I finished Dean Koontz's Phantoms and began The Witches: Suspicion, Betrayal and Hysteria in 1692 Salem by Stacy Schiff. So books were definitely my medication of choice.

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the plants that are growing in my yard right now. The camphor thicket runs along the back edge of our yard. My friend Nancy named her new home not too long ago and I am charmed by the idea of naming my house now. I am not quite sure what it would be but I do like the idea of it having a nod to either the camphor trees in the back yard, the abundant oaks or the four magnolia trees I have on the side. But I am leaning towards the camphors or oaks since they were here before the house was built. What do you think: Camphor Cottage, Southern Oak Rambler, Camphorwood House, Live Oak Homestead? Feel free to chime in!

How is your September unfurling? Have you decorated for fall yet? I have not and I think I need to.

Melting Basket 143: First Fall Basket of the Year